Comedian and actor Nick Swardson releases new CD

Nick Swardson, anyone? OK, maybe you are not familiar with his name, but you have surely seen some of his work. In recent years, the foul-mouthed, pseudo-effeminate, raging alcoholic has jumped onto the scene in a very big way.

The young comic, who recently released his debut CD “Party” last Tuesday on Comedy Central records, has been a guiding force in such productions as “Grandma’s Boy,” “The Benchwarmers,” “Malibu’s Most Wanted” and the TV series “Gay Robot.” He has also starred in the cult favorite “Reno 911!” as Terry, the overtly flamboyant roller-skating male prostitute.

“The character of Terry is so crazy I can literally say anything,” Swardson said in a conference call with The Hatchet. “There’s nothing that’s not believable with that character.”

A roller-skating prostitute may verge on the absurd, but Swardson’s life hardly resembles the norm.

“I blacked out and then I was at a comedy club in Hollywood,” Swardson recalled. “I was so wasted that I walked to my friend’s house, broke in and then got into bed with his mom. She woke up and started screaming.”

During his drunken escapades, Swardson seems to not only garner a higher blood alcohol content but also a heightened sense of ability.

“I could barely walk and somehow I facilitated a break-in. I couldn’t have done that sober with a completely lucid sense ability.What I’m trying to say is, when I’m drunk, I’m the world’s greatest cat burglar.”

When asked about his favorite means of achieving drunkness, Swardson responded, “I used to drink whiskey. I used to drink everything. It got me so fucking wild. It was shirt off, old lady in a headlock, drop kicking a baby. It was out of control.”

Swardson’s life is not always so ridiculously outlandish. He reflected upon the loss of his beloved friend, fellow comedian and personal mentor, Mitch Hedberg, who died of “multiple drug toxicity” in 2005.

“It was devastating,” Swardson said. “I remember getting the call while I was on set and just bawling immediately. It was one of those things that you just never hoped he was going to die, but you kind of had that feeling unfortunately because his lifestyle was so extreme.”

There have been a few other notable influences in Swardson’s life. Adam Sandler, through his production company Happy Madison, has given Swardson the opportunity to be more than just a stand-up comic. Sandler gave Swardson creative freedom and supported him on a slew of projects.

Similar to Sandler, Swardson’s material is bawdy and laden with enough sexual innuendo to give Miss Manners a premature heart attack, but he is not particularly concerned with offending anyone. He believes that most people understand he is being facetious.

“I don’t subscribe to the fact where you have to tip-toe constantly on people’s feelings.I don’t really worry about hypersensitivity.”

He also said he does not believe in straying away from the controversial usage of certain words such as “gay.”

“If you don’t give the word power, it doesn’t have the power,” he said.

Now that he has finally released a much-anticipated CD, many of his fans are surely wondering, what is next.

The comic said he has no concrete plans for the distant future,but eventually hopes to reach a position in which he can manage and have the ultimate say in the production of his own works.

“I would like to get to the point where I was my own comedic entity. Where I can release and produce my own stuff.almost like a Sandler.”

Fans can also expect “Happy Hour,” an R-rated laugh-riot drinking comedy written by Swardson, to appear sometime next year along with his and Adam Sandler’s “You Don’t Mess with Zohan” in June 2008.

At this present moment though, Swardson’s goals lay within the realm of most college students.

“I would like to be way better at Halo than I am,” he said.

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