Staff Editorial: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

The Hatchet’s monthly wrap-up of GW’s ups and downs.

Unsure: Voting freshman in Student Association

When freshman Julie Bindelglass (CCAS-U) was appointed as a voting senator in the Student Association last week, years of precedent were broken. Such an action is not an unhealthy change if a process of standardization is enacted by SA leaders to deal with future cases. Typically three non-voting freshmen serve in the Senate and are understandably concerned with current disparity. SA leadership should take this opportunity to comprehensively examine the current policy and enact legislation to circumvent such disagreement in the future.

Thumbs Up: Return of Colonials Invasion

Friday night saw the return of GW basketball’s Colonials Invasion – hopefully a tradition that will continue to build momentum in the future and add an element of community that so many students desire. While attendance was still far below averages from past years, the fact that the GW population was able to come together to celebrate the achievements of the men’s and women’s basketball teams, as a community, was a success in itself.

Unsure: Horowitz at GW

When conservative author David Horowitz spoke on Thursday night on campus, much of the anticipated rhetoric concerning Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week was mild in comparison to the build-up. However, Horowitz lambasted the GW administration without even getting the name of our school president correct. Referring to University President Steven Knapp as Peter and echoing a Washington Times editorial that the University has not disciplined the students responsible for the postering incident appropriately, Horowitz presented inaccuracies concerning GW’s response to the situation. Coming to a college campus to express dissenting views is acceptable, but not when the speaker fails to do his homework about the very university he is addressing.

Thumbs Up: Emissions investigation

The University should be commended for its renewed efforts to curb its environmental impact. GW is working to reduce its carbon emissions from high levels, which had remained constant for the past five years. University President Steven Knapp created a sustainability task force, which will be focusing on improving energy conversation, along with other initiatives to reduce GW’s environmental impact. This investigation into how GW can become a more environmentally friendly institution is a great start, but it is up to both the administration and students to make sure that action is actually taken.

Thumbs Down: Intolerance

The drawing of a swastika on the door of a Jewish student is the latest event in a recent string of hate crimes both at GW and on campuses nationwide, which cannot be tolerated. Whether it is a swastika or a noose, the fact that these hateful instances are taking place at intuitions of higher learning is especially disheartening. Universities that have been affected by recent racism and hate must look carefully at what is going on and what can be done to curb future events.

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