RIAA serves University with subpoena

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The recording industry has served the University with a subpoena requiring administrators to disclose the names of 19 students flagged for illegally downloading music, a spokesperson said.

“A school is only subpoenaed for information of students who failed to contact us after they received pre-litigation letters,” Cara Duckworth, a spokesperson for the Recording Industry Associates of America, wrote in an e-mail. “If a student does fail to contact us during the pre-litigation stage, a school is always subpoenaed for their identity.”

The University said they could not comment on receiving the letters as of press time. University Spokesperson Michelle Sherrard said last week the University would comply with the court order.

Duckworth said once the RIAA receives the names of the students, it will contact them directly and offer a discounted settlement.

If the users do not respond within a certain amount of time, the RIAA will file a lawsuit against the individuals.

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