Letters to the Editor

Democrats, Republicans not sole political homes

This letter is in response to Jessica Yegar’s column in the previous edition of The Hatchet (Oct. 22, pg. A4), wherein she asserted that there was no moderate political organization on campus. I encourage the readers of The Hatchet to reject the “right-left” paradigm that we, as Americans, have been brainwashed to accept as gospel.

To purport that there exists only a right, with social and fiscal conservatives, and a left, with social and fiscal liberals, is to polarize half of the political spectrum (something which the author admittedly wanted to avoid). Adopting the right-left paradigm discredits libertarian and authoritarian ideologies and only further reinforces the fallacious idea that there are only two “logical” ways to form political beliefs. The right-left paradigm is largely a result of the United States’ bi-party system, wherein it is impossible to have a large-scale public forum for sharing your views if you are not part of the closed-minded establishment.

I would encourage the author, as well as any other “politically homeless” individuals to expand their knowledge of the political field. If conservatives and liberals turn you off, perhaps you’ll find a home among libertarians, or even authoritarians.

Anthony Baumann, Sophomore

Gym already too crowded with students

In response to the article entitled “Lerner Health and Wellness Center may open to locals,” (Oct. 22, A3) I want to voice what a horrible idea this would be for the University. As it is, with just students and professors utilizing the facility, the gym is always crowded. Students are already forced to wait their turn to use various machines in the fitness room. Lines to join pickup basketball games are way too long already.

There are 19 Washington Sports Clubs in the D.C. metro area, as well as The Sports Club/LA at 22nd and M streets, so alumni upset about not having a local gym have no reason to complain. Offering the Health and Wellness Center for free to local neighbors is a mistake as well, due mainly to the overcrowdedness.

Ben Sugarman, Junior

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