Carter calls for Mid East Peace

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter attended the screening of a movie documenting his recent book tour at the headquarters of the Motion Picture Association of America Tuesday night.

After the screening of “Jimmy Carter Man From Plains,” which documents 15 days on Carter’s book tour for “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” the former president addressed a group of reporters and emphasized the importance of peace in the Middle East. He said it was “maybe the most important subject in our world today in politics.”

“I hope (viewers) take away the fact that this is one of the most important issues that the world faces, that it is being excessively ignored, that there are arguments on both sides, that the two arguments are reconcilable and that the whole world wants, and that there is a rational path to peace between Israel and its neighbors,” he said.

The former U.S. president spoke at Lisner Auditorium in March about his book and faced criticism for his condemnation of Israel’s policies concerning the occupation of Palestinian land.

Carter said documentaries play a substantial role in opening up a dialogue about important issues.

The former president also discussed global warming, describing it as an overwhelming environmental issue the world is facing. He praised former U.S. Vice President Al Gore for his role in bringing global warming to the forefront of global debate.

“I think Al Gore has made a profound impact on our world on a subject that before he made (“An Inconvenient Truth”) was sadly omitted by many people,” he said.

Carter, 83, said he wants to be remembered by his efforts to promote peace.

“I’d like for people to associate me with peace and human rights,” he said. “That’s enough.”

Although Carter addressed a variety of topics during the press conference, he would not pick his favorite candidate for the next U.S. president.

“I’m rooting for the Democratic nominee.”

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