Talk the talk: A handy guide to Colonial lingo

Things have changed since your days as a coed. Beer and books are still a part of the equation but even if you’ve sent a Brady Bunch’s worth of kids to college, GW is full of enough lingo you’d need a glossary. We’ve got you covered. No need to run to Gelman (GW’s library) or the bookstore, this is your guide on how to speak like a true Colonial:


GW’s free shuttle service. It runs from dusk to dawn and takes students anywhere within a two- to four-block radius of campus. Whether students are feeling unsafe, lazy or just plain shouldn’t be walking, dialing 994-RIDE will get them a safe ride in a matter of minutes.

CD and CR:

Stands for College Democrats and College Republicans, two of the most active student groups on campus. You may not be able to believe it but these two organizations share space in Marvin Center. Who could have thought Republicans and Democrats could hold the same office?


If students are craving that pint of Ben & Jerry’s or some frozen lasagna late night, no need to fear your baby will starve. DC Snacks, formerly known as Campus Snacks, is a late-night delivery service that sells a plethora of food, drink and other items. Better to be safe than sorry, so Campus Snacks includes a free condom with every delivery!


The student-run EMT organization that provides medical treatment to students on campus 24-7. When called, EMeRG is there to help treat minor injuries, like cuts or sprains, or more serious medical issues, like those that arise from drinking too much alcohol, for example.


Short for House Proctor, GW’s version of Resident Assistants or RAs. HPs are students who serve as academic and social mentors for other students who they advise through the campus’s residence life system.


Short for Froggy Bottom Pub, a popular eatery and hangout for GW students that serves some of the best sandwiches and burgers on campus. You may miss out on their legendary half-price pizza on Monday nights but be sure to stop by to meet gregarious owner Hien Bui.


What is a trip to D.C. without a trip to Georgetown? The array of stores, restaurants and historic buildings will make you forget about that other university the neighborhood is named for.


Short for the Lerner Health and Wellness Center. Donated by the family who just bought the Washington Nationals baseball team, students work out at all hours of the day and try to get in better shape than our decrepit Nationals.


Washington’s subway system and your new best friend. D.C. has a strange taxi system, so make good use of this unusually clean and cheap way to travel around the District and surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia.


A hot dog vendor who sits outside the SMPA building on 21st Street on most Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights serving a hungry late-night crowd. Visit him and pick up a pretzel with cheese, a hot dog with “GW Sauce” or tuition-free philosophical discourse.


Short for Student Association, GW’s student government. Mirroring the federal government with an executive, legislative and judicial branch, the SA is charged with representing and advocating for the student body within the University community at large.


Short for Sizzling Express, a buffet restaurant in Columbia Plaza that is delicious but charges by the pound. SizzEx is slightly expensive, but where else can you get sushi, fried chicken, a deli sandwich and bread pudding all in one place and, more importantly, in one carry-out box?


Although it is also the name of an upperclassmen residence hall, many use the word Ivory when referring to the food court located in Ivory Tower’s lower level. Eateries include Potbelly’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Pita Pit, a convenience store and a buffet and grill venue.

Thirsty Thurston, Thrustin’:

These are two of the many nicknames for the largest residence hall on campus, Thurston Hall. Housing more than 1,000 freshmen, chances are your child will live or party there at some point during their four years. Famous on campus for its high frequency of drunken nights and sexual encounters, Thurston ranks high among D.C.’s many legendary buildings.

The Vern:

Short for the Mount Vernon Campus and located in Georgetown’s Foxhall neighborhood. The Vern is home to residence halls, soccer fields and tennis courts as well as Eckles Library. During the summer, students enjoy the outdoor pool with GWorld. With departures every 15 minutes on weekends, hop on the Vern Express for a quick ride up to GW’s other campus.

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