‘Follow the money:’ SA allocations over two decades

After many hours of research at the University Archives, Campus News Editor Andrew Ramonas asked me to help analyze the data he was able to gather: the Student Association Senate bills for initial allocations to student organizations, dating back to 1988-1989.

With two articles this issue citing our database analysis, we believed it would be appropriate to share these statistics with our readers.

Below, you will find some of the trends and interesting stats we have found after running hundreds of queries on 19 years of data.

As we continue to analyze the data, we will post additional statistics. Since the 2007-2008 initial allocations bill goes to the full SA Senate Tuesday, the newest allocations will also be a source of analysis — especially if the bill is heavily amended on the floor.

These statistics are located at http://sa.gwhatchet.com/allocations.html.

The Hatchet will work to improve and extend our SA allocations database for the benefit of student organizations, SA officials and the student body at large.

While we will continue to collect and analyze allocations data, we must emphasize that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these statistics, for numerous reasons:

  • SA records at the University Archives are largely disorganized and misfiled.
  • SA Senate bills might have been amended on the floor without being reflected in the archived copies. For example, some have illegible handwritten allocations in the margins.
  • Thousands of records were entered in a short period of time, leaving the possibility for human error.
  • Since 1988, hundreds of student organizations have merged, split, renamed, formed, and collapsed.

We have removed allocations from the SA Executive, Senate and Court from our analysis, choosing instead to analyze these allocations separately.

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