IFC to hear PIKE rush violation

The Inter-Fraternity Council’s judiciary board decided to further investigate a complaint that the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity initiated contact with potential new members before the sanctioned rush period.

The fraternity allegedly passed out free pizza and palm cards outside of Thurston Hall last week, according to several people with direct knowledge of the board’s proceedings.

The council’s judicial board – comprised of a representative from each of the 12 University-recognized fraternities – unanimously voted to investigate the claims. Pi Kappa Alpha, because it was the accused chapter, did not have a vote.

“(The violation) undermines the trust of the other fraternities,” an IFC judicial board member said. “It’s not fair to the other fraternities – especially the smaller chapters.”

Fraternity leaders who spoke for this story are being granted anonymity because they are forbidden to talk about the board’s proceedings.

Pi Kappa Alpha, one of the University’s largest fraternities, also allegedly wore shirts with their Greek letters and passed out rush cards at a philanthropy event the fraternity held last week.

President of Pi Kappa Alpha, John Galmiche, said his fraternity would like to see the judicial proceedures play out fairly. Director of Greek Life Dean Harwood declined comment.

According to IFC recruitment rules, fraternities are permitted to host philanthropy events before the start of the fall rush period but fraternities are not allowed to informally recruit new members at such events.

“We establish the rules for fraternity rush so that everything is fair and ethical,” the judicial board member said.

Two members with direct knowledge of the situation said there is photographic evidence of Pi Kappa Alpha members handing out pizza and palm cards Sunday.

Pi Kappa Alpha could face a variety of punishments if the chapter is found in violation, a member of the judicial board said. The board member said penalties could include a fine, social probation or the cancellation of the fraternity’s spring recruitment.

If the fraternity is placed on social probation, the chapter would be unable to host formals, semi-formals, socials with other sororities or philanthropy events.

The University gave Pi Kappa Alpha a house on Townhouse Row last year.

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