Crime Log

Theft from Government

9/23/07 – Kogan Plaza – 2:15 a.m. – case closed

A University Police Department officer witnessed a male carrying what looked like a street sign through Kogan Plaza. The officer made contact with the individual, who said he found the “End Road Work” sign lying on the ground, and that he intended to bring it back to his room. The sign was property of the D.C. government, and was returned to its proper place.
Referred to Student Judicial Services


9/21/07 – off campus – 2 a.m. – case closed

UPD received a call from the U.S. Secret Service that a GW student had been assaulted on 17th Street and Constitution Avenue. The male student said he left a local bar and was assaulted by three unknown males. The three alleged assailants were found and arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department. The student did not press charges and was unharmed. He was taken to the emergency room as a precaution.
Referred to outside agency

Disorderly Conduct

9/21/07 – 2000 Block of H Street – 1:55 a.m. – case closed

A UPD officer observed a male student urinating in some bushes. The officer stopped the student and explained that urinating in public is a violation of D.C. law. He asked the student to leave the area.
Referred to SJS

Drug Law Violation

9/21/07 – Potomac House – 2:33 a.m. – case closed

UPD officers on patrol noticed the smell of marijuana emanating from a room in the building. They responded and found two females and two males in the room, all underage. The community director was called, and an administrative search was performed. 2.3 grams of marijuana were found, as well drug paraphernalia and alcohol. The alcohol was disposed of on the scene, and the individuals were assessed. One male required further medical attention.
Referred to SJS

Liquor Law Violation

9/22/07 – Thurston Hall – 2:41 a.m. – case closed

UPD officers responded to a report of a person who appeared to be intoxicated. The underage female, who was not affiliated with GW, was identified and assessed for her level of intoxication. She was asked to leave the building.
Subject barred from campus

9/23/07 – Thurston Hall – 4:34 a.m. – case closed

UPD received an anonymous complaint from a resident about loud noise on his or her floor. Officers responded and found alcohol in the noisy room. The two underage males present were assessed, and neither needed further medical attention. Alcohol was disposed of on the scene.
Referred to SJS

Simple Assault

9/21/07 – West End – 6:08 p.m. – case closed

UPD received a call from an individual who heard loud noises coming from another room. The officers knocked and announced their presence, but the individuals in the room did not open the door. Officers heard the individuals arguing loudly and proceeded to enter the room. The two female roommates were fighting verbally, though there were no physical exchanges. They were separated, and one roommate slept somewhere else for the night until the housing situation could be discussed further.
Referred to SJS

9/23/07 – Tau Kappa Epsilon townhouse – 2:21 a.m. – case closed

A male student approached UPD officers on patrol and said he had been attacked by five individuals in the Tau Kappa Epsilon house, which is owned by the fraternity. MPD was called because the attack was not on GW property.
No identifiable suspects

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