‘Good Luck’ for Alba and Cook

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Somehow during a teleconference promoting their new movie “Good Luck Chuck,” I realized that I forgot to ask stars Jessica Alba and Dane Cook a question.

“You skipped George Washington!” to which the eloquent Jessica Alba replied, “George Washington, god damn you!”

“Good Luck Chuck” is a romantic comedy due out Friday. The plot is unusual to say the least: After Cook’s character Charlie sleeps with a woman, the next man she meets is her true love. When Charlie, meets Jessica’s character, Cam, problems arise. He thinks Cam is “the one,” but is afraid that if he sleeps with her she will marry another guy. Now the question is: Is “Good Luck Chuck” just a “Wedding Crashers” wannabe, or is it a fresh take on the romantic comedy?

Most of the interview could have been predicted when Jessica Alba claimed that she had problems with her new iPhone, a boy from another college paper quipped, “My name is Sean, and if you ever need help with your iPhone again, give me a call.” But, there were some surprises.

Ever get sick of hearing stars proclaim how “normal” they are in real life? That doesn’t stop them from trying to prove it. When a student asked Cook what his curse is in real life, he responded, “Getting dumped.I’m pretty shy and introverted in my regular life.I’m a little bit more of a romantic type and I guess I believe in serendipity and things of that nature.”

Alba said that, like the character she plays in “Good Luck Chuck,” she is very clumsy. She told a story about a time she was on the red carpet in Mexico and since she talks with her hands, a million dollar ring flew into a crowd of people.

Both Cook and Alba are influential celebrities in their own right. Cook made People’s list of “The 100 Most Influential People,” mostly because of his Web site danecook.com, which he updates himself regularly.

“It’s still kind of wild. I received an e-mail, you know, just (last) night.that was like, ‘You know, sometimes I feel like I know I want to end my life and then I put your CD on and it makes me positive again.'”

Alba is known for being No. 1 on Maxim’s “Hot 100 List.” When asked about it, Alba replied that it is a “double-edged sword” and that photo shoots are like “glamour shots on crack.” She said find the attention “flattering” and said that she did not “grow up being the cutest girl on the block.” Cook said he believes that Alba’s role in “Good Luck Chuck” will be her breakout role, so maybe this is the role that will make her known for her acting more than her looks.

When asked what character from a book she would like to play in a movie, Jessica Alba answered “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger.

“Love is so painful,” Alba said.

“Good Luck Chuck” is now playing in theatres nationwide.

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