Bar Belle: Madam’s Organ

Madam’s Organ

2461 18th St. N.W.

All right GW. I need some advice. What do we think about redheads? I’ve been considering a new look for a while and after this weekend’s outing to Madam’s Organ saloon in Adams Morgan, I’m leaning towards the Lohan look.

A local fixture on the 18th Street strip of Adams Morgan, Madam’s Organ is a friend of all fire-crotches with its $2 Rolling Rock redheads-only special. In my book, cheap beer is reason enough to dye my hair.

Cursing both brunette parents, I hesitantly paid the cover charge and walked into the three-story building that boasts blues and jazz bands until at least 2 a.m. My first obstacle stood a few feet in front of the door. It had been a while since visiting Madam’s Organ due to an embarrassing stunt a few months ago. Warning to those with heels, drinks or a clumsy nature (I happened to be all three): the stairs can be a bit tricky. Last semester I took a pretty nasty spill down them in a dress – it was a moment that was a little more Britney than Lindsay. Such memories induced a brief panic attack, but I pushed my fears aside and ascended the stairway to hell, or at least the rooftop bar.

The top was crowded but the weather was brisk so it wasn’t too bad. In a twisted way the roof was charming because it wasn’t trying to be a posh young bar. There are exposed frames in the architecture, the layout is way too small, it is incredibly hard to get the bartender’s attention, the secondhand smoke is disgusting and I loved every minute of it. Sometimes you just want to have a beer with the boys and not care about anything else.

Damn, I wish I were a redhead.

Although I couldn’t get a cheap Rolling Rock, I was impressed when my friend passed me the beer on tap. It came in a recycled glass jar, which was pretty snazzy. After downing just enough to feel that dancing in front of the band would be a good idea, the boys and I made our way (carefully) down the dreaded stairs and back to where the musicians were playing on stage. One of my favorite things about this bar is the crowd it draws. Ranging from college hipsters to older hippie folk, the diverse group that gathers here are all in pursuit of a good time. I especially love watching people trying to dance because at some point we all start adapting our moves to coexist with that strange cracked-out grandpa to my left. Wiggling and bobbing never looked so good. Although the $7 cover was irritating, I decided the band was completely worth every penny.

If live music isn’t your thing, first off, what’s wrong with you, and second, you can find plenty of other things to do at Madam’s Organ. There are pool tables on the second floor, a bunch of lounge areas throughout the saloon and several large televisions which have shown Vegas Vacation consistently the past three times I’ve paid a visit. There are a variety of drinks and beers within the bar and you can usually find some good deals if you pay attention. Either that or scour the campus for any red-headed people and convince them to join you for a one-night drunk – then steal their drinks.

Hats off to you Madam, whoever you may be. Your bar rocks, the music is great and if my new hair job looks good, I have you to thank!

Bar Belle Rating: four of four bells.

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