Larger-than-life Foggy Bottom barbers tell all

While balancing a heavy course load, juggling an internship and staying in touch with friends, GW students are often missing a good haircut.

But taking time to tame your hair doesn’t have to be a waste of time. At old-fashioned barbershops such as the Watergate Barbershop and Puglisi’s, both located close to campus, students have been known to run into politicians, an actor and former GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg.

Media and Public Affairs students can network with Channel Four weatherman Willard Scott down at the Watergate Barbershop, while international affairs majors can seek out Puerto Rican, Italian or Argentinean barbers for interesting conversation and a high-quality trim.

The Watergate Barbershop, located on the lower level of the Watergate complex, is also the only place where Ben Stein – the famous writer, commentator, actor and comedian – goes for a cut.

Despite the customer loyalty at the Watergate Barbershop, allowing students to pay for their trims on GWorld has increased student traffic and done a lot to increase the number of clients, owner Philip Rascona said.

The Watergate Barbershop not only offers haircuts, but also specializes in an old-fashioned straight razor shave as well, each at the price of $20.

Puglisi Haircuts, located at 2100 Pennsylvania Ave, was famous for cutting Trachtenberg’s hair.

Owner Antonio Puglisi, 67, whose uncle first opened Puglisi’s in 1960, said his old-time barbershop offers a higher quality cut than the more modern salons.

“They all put unisex – style, fancy names in order to charge a lot of money, but they don’t do a better job,” Puglisi said.

Antique photographs and framed news stories adorn the barbershop’s walls and display its unique history.

Puglisi, a native Italian, said his store is one where “customers come in and we will have known each other for many years.”

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