The Best of the Crime Log

The Hatchet publishes a crime log from the University Police Department each Thursday in the newspaper’s metro section. Below is the best of the log from the last academic year.

Disorderly Conduct

2/11/07 – Thurston Hall – 2:58 a.m. – case closed
A University Police Department officer requested to see a student’s GWorld card in Thurston Hall. The student became loud and verbally abusive to the officer. He fled the scene, leaving his GWorld in possession of the officer.
– Referred to Student Judicial Services

3/29/07 – Health and Wellness Center – 10:40 p.m. – case closed
UPD officers responded to a report of a fight. The complainant, an employee at the Health and Wellness Center, said the subject left before UPD arrived. The subject, a male student, had become angry due to an indoor soccer game.
– Referred to SJS

4/20/07 – Off-Campus – 6:15 a.m. – case closed
A female student indicated that an unknown male approached her while she was on New Hampshire Avenue. The male stopped her and asked her to take a picture of him. The digital camera was set to preview mode, and there was a nude picture of the male on the screen. The student took the picture and left the area.
-Off-campus incident

Drug Law Violation

4/3/07 – Madison Hall – 3:00 p.m. – case closed
Health and safety inspectors notified UPD and GW Housing Programs staff to conduct an administrative search for drugs. Various items were confiscated, including drug paraphernalia and 98.8 grams of marijuana. No resident was present at the time.
– Referred to SJS

Fugitive from Justice

4/14/07 – 600 Block of 21st Street – 2:00 p.m. – case closed
An individual fell into the emergency phone near Strong Hall. Officers approached the man and found he did not have an emergency. Officers compared the individual’s identification card to the name he gave officers and determined he was lying about his identity. Officers ran the individual’s information through the National Crime Information Computer and the Washington Area Law Enforcement System. The man had a bench warrant on him, and he was placed under arrest. He was transported to the Second District Metropolitan Police Department station for processing.
– Subject arrested

Liquor Law Violation

12/03/06 – Mount Vernon Campus – 2:37 a.m. – closed
UPD responded to a call about a sick student on the Vern Express shuttle headed toward the Mount Vernon Campus. Officers met the bus at the clock tower and determined the individual, who vomited on the floor, was unaffiliated with GW. He was with two other individuals, one male student and one female unaffiliated with GW. He told officers he was staying with a Mount Vernon resident.
– Referred to SJS

4/6/07 – Marvin Center – 3:16 a.m. – case closed
A male subject attempted to enter the Marvin Center on the H Street side. The male appeared to be intoxicated. The name he gave UPD matched the name on the license, but the picture did not match his face. The license belonged to the subject’s brother, who is a GW student.
– Subject barred from campus

Simple Assault

11/10/06 – Thurston Hall – 3:14 a.m. – case closed
A female student reported that someone knocked on her door. When she opened the door, an unknown male subject yelled “happy birthday” and hit her with a chunk of dry ice. The student denied further medical treatment, but she did sustain bruises.

3/23/07 – 2400 block of H Street – 2:35 a.m. – open case
UPD observed the Metropolitan Police Department handling an incident and stopped to see if any students were involved. The taxi cab driver reported two individuals unaffiliated with GW left the cab without paying their fare. The driver then stepped out of the cab to collect the fare and one subject scratched the driver. The subject then jumped into the cab and drove a short distance. The other individual fled the scene with the keys. MPD used the cell phone of the first individual to call the second to return the keys. The individual who drove the car was arrested.
-Open case

Urinating in Public

1/18 – 1957 E Street Garage – 2:15 a.m. – case closed
An officer observed a subject run into the parking garage, which is operated using a remote control. The suspect, who was unaffiliated with GW, then urinated in the parking garage.
– No further action

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