Roving Reporter Quotes: Commencement 2007

Given the controversy initially surrounding Stephen Joel Trachtenberg’s intention to deliver the keynote address, what did you think of his speech during Sunday’s ceremonies?

Kue Lattimore, senior at Law School:
“Pretty inspirational yet succinct – he made light of the situation, and that was commendable of him. It’s interesting because a lot of other schools got big names – like Oprah at Howard – so it’s interesting we only got Trachtenberg”

Megan Kuebler, graduating senior:
“I thought it was concentrated a little bit too much on him. For all the controversy, I thought it was what people expected it to be. I thought people were indifferent… everyone sitting there was like ‘what’ – they didn’t want to stand up at the end”

Rose Roche, parent of graduate:
“I thought it was a nice goodbye. As a speech it was a good goodbye – but not a good charge”

Adam Linet, senior in CCAS:
“SJT did a great job speaking about his departure, our commencement and the Class of 2007’s future”

Patrick O’Donnell, enlisted Navy, boyfriend of Kuebler:
“He had an attitude – a stigma that overshadowed everyone’s hard work. Of all the other people who received honorary degrees – Blitzer’s was really the only uplifting one, everyone else wanted to get something out of everyone”

John Green, parent of graduate:
“It was fine. It would’ve been nice to get a keynote speaker, but he did a good job with all the slings and arrows thrown in his direction”

-compiled by Tim Gowa

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