Letters to the Editor

Kudos to Senior Prom

Thank you to the entire GW community for your support of Senior Prom 2007, “A Night in Paradise,” hosted by the Neighbors Project within the Office of Community Service. As a result of the many hours of hard work contributed by GW students and the generous financial contributions made by over twelve different student organizations and offices across campus, senior citizens from across D.C. enjoyed a very special night of dinner and dancing.

As one senior citizen shared in a thank you note after the event, “I am certain a lot of people forgot their daily hardships for those brief few hours of the prom and looked at life as a joyous celebration … The interaction I witnessed reaffirmed my beliefs that the younger generation, who will run our country one day, will always take care of the seniors who paved the way for them.”

Senior Prom truly represents the best of what GW can produce when diverse groups come together with a common goal of supporting those around us. A commendation to all who contributed to the success of Senior Prom 2007.

Kerry Kidwell-Slak, Coordinator – Neighbors Project, Office of Community Service

SA Presidents’ letter not enough

I was initially disappointed at the letter signed by 21 former Student Association presidents (April 26, pg. 4) gushing about how University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg has heroically dedicated his life to students, and obliquely criticizing students for having the audacity to be upset at his aborted keynote Commencement speaker selection.

But then I realized how that letter is a perfect metaphor for the SA. Instead of standing up to an campus administration that ignores student input, raids dorm rooms, hauls students in front of hearing boards without due process, encourages secret societies and traps them in a broken campus housing system, our former leaders choose to defend and apologize on its behalf. Docile from Trachtenberg’s fancy parties or diverted by irrelevancies such as condoms in dorms, the SA presidents of past have sold out their flock. Worse, they slap us down when we dare express our displeasure.

The only ray of sunshine was that incoming SA President Nicole Capp did not sign. Perhaps from her we will get constructive criticism instead of curtsying.

Joseph Henchman, GW Law ’07

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