Letters to the Editor

Pay attention, GW

When I attended my last D.C. Zoning Commission Hearing on GW’s recently approved campus plan, I asked myself, “where are the students?” Of course many members of the Student Association leadership were there along with GW faculty, administrators and staff; however, the students who complain that the University doesn’t do enough to inform the community about its spending and plans could not be found.

Perhaps these classmates missed a number of articles in The Hatchet discussing the progress at the hearings. Perhaps they did not receive issues of GWeekly discussing the campus hearings, did not notice bulletin boards encouraging students to get involved at www.neighborhood.gwu.edu or did not show up at one of a number of residence hall meetings attended by student members of the Square 54 committee.

I’m quite troubled about the apparent trend to complain that GW does not do enough to inform its students or to say that University officials don’t try hard enough to obtain student input or support. I’m not saying that the University is perfect – I’m on the non-guaranteed wait list for housing next year – but on the issue of the Campus Plan, the University has gone above and beyond to reach out to the student community. It’s now the students’ turn to wake up and give back.

-Giovanna Palatucci, Sophomore

Support the campus green fund

For the past year, the Senior Class Gift Committee has been asking seniors to give back to GW through a gift to the University. In light of news of recent tuition increases, this has not been an easy task. However, the 2007 senior class will graduate soon, and it is important for us to give back to the University that has given us so much.

Last fall, the senior class voted to establish the Campus Green Fund as our class gift. This is our personalized stamp on the University, reflecting the green trend that has grown during our four years on campus. With funds from the Campus Green Fund, the University can add occupancy sensors to classrooms that turn off the lights if no one is in the room, install low-flow showerheads in residence halls to cut water use and augment the current recycling program with more bins and the purchase of more recycled materials.

To establish an endowment at GW, $50,000 is needed, and the senior class must raise this amount. We are approaching this goal, but we still need help. We ask every senior, parent and member of the GW community to donate during our final month at GW. The Senior Class Gift Committee will be tabling all over campus until graduation and we encourage everyone to donate, no matter what your gift may be.

A good friend of mine once said, “We are students here for four years, but we will be alumni for life.” Give to the Campus Green Fund because the legacy of the Class of 2007 starts here.

-Katie Lux, Senior, Coordinator, Senior Class Gift Committee

Marketing GW is no wrong deed

As a junior at GW who has been a STAR tour guide since my freshman year, I took serious offense to Diana Kugel’s recent article regarding GW’s admissions practices.

Pointing out that GW uses phrases such as “residence hall” rather than “dorm,” and “lower level” as opposed to “basement,” is not something on which to base accusations that STARs lie. The term dorm indeed denotes a building that is somewhat more austere than the typical one at GW. Furthermore, a basement and a lower level are the same thing, and any other school would choose the latter term.

The author’s problems with her tour guide’s evasive response about campus dining seems insignificant, as the GWorld card is accepted at nearly 100 area dining venues. A simple biology class would also tell her that flowers blooming around this busy visit time is a consequence of nature, not a design of the admissions office.

Furthermore, I can honestly say that I have never, ever lied on a tour. In fact, the tour guide manual clearly states that “misinforming our visitors,” in any way, “would be a negative reflection upon GW.” As the STAR program becomes more intense and selective, so does the University. GW is thus not investing in an image; they are investing in the people that convey their experiences to an ever-improving group of incoming students, experiences that the author herself notes are “not so bad.”

-Erica Evans, Junior

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