Joe Rogan opens up about sensory deprivation tanks

Joe Rogan is a multi-tasking comedian, perhaps most popularly known as the host of Fear Factor. He is an announcer for Ultimate Fighting Championship and once played a sarcastic handyman with prickly five o’clock gruff constantly on the sitcom classic “NewsRadio.”

These days Rogan wants to be known as a stand-up comedian. His second comedy CD came out this week.

“Honestly, I think what I want to do right now is just stand-up; I don’t think I want to do anything else. I guess if something really cool came up, TV-wise, I’d really like to do something uncensored, like what Tom Green has set up, or something.”

Later this year, Rogan will be hosting the Marijuana Policy Project party at the Playboy Mansion. He is a strong advocate for legalization and took the opportunity to talk about impractical drug policy.

“Any law that’s based on lies . should be taken off the books, and marijuana laws are clearly based on lies. It’s all based on bullshit propaganda that was released in the 1930s. It’s definitely not something where they’re trying to protect people, and now it’s not just a situation of economics, but it’s a situation of social control, because smoking marijuana, eating it, whatever, makes you question things, and that’s not good for the government.”

Speaking of drugs and out-of-body experiences, Rogan said a large device in his basement provides a “psychedelic state” for him. It’s a sensory deprivation tank, he said, that’s filled with 93.5-degree water and 800 pounds of Epsom salts.

“(Y)ou’re incredibly buoyant, and you lie in this thing and close the lid on it and you’re in total silence, total darkness, and when you’re floating, you can’t feel where the water begins, or the air ends. It just – it feels like you’re flying through space.”

“And in the absence of sensory input, of sight and touch and hearing, what happens is your brain induces a natural psychedelic state, and you have these incredible visions, and you have this incredible sense of connectivity. And it’s really like a psychedelic experience without drugs, and I do this all the time. I mean it’s in my basement, I’m in there all the time, and I’m in there for hours . I’ve just become more enthralled in the whole mystery of being than I was before.”

Sounds like a device that might be used in Fear Factor. Or, judging by his interests these days, maybe fodder for a stand-up routine.

Joe Rogan’s new CD, Happy Shiny Jihad, is in stores now.

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