Letters to the Editor

Program Board can’t please everyone

It is our job here at Program Board to appeal to the student body in general, not to one particular Hatchet editor. For those who think that Regina Spektor isn’t able to “generate a huge buzz on campus and attract students to Spring Fling,” (“Overhaul Spring Fling and Fall Fest,” Apr. 5, p. 4), I encourage them to move outside of their group of friends and ask the opinions of some other students on campus.

The fact that a few people aren’t overwhelmed with excitement over the Spring Fling act doesn’t expose a systemic problem within our organization – it just highlights the fact that at a school with 10,000 people, you can’t satisfy everyone all of the time.

Would I love to bring A-list talent to Spring Fling? Of course. If I had my way, Spring Fling would look like a Superbowl halftime show. But at Program Board, we deal with a very tight budget, and costs in the concert business are rising every year.

The other events that we put on throughout the year take up a marginal amount of money in comparison to the concerts. Cutting them would not only defeat our mission statement as an organization, but also get rid of a lot of events many people enjoy. And at the end of the day, we still wouldn’t be able to bring a superstar to Spring Fling.

It is a fair observation that Regina Spektor isn’t the biggest star in the world, but last I checked, we never brought the Rolling Stones to Spring Fling; we have instead focused on maximizing our very limited budget to showcase the best up-and-coming artists. Spektor is one of the best new artists on the scene right now, and a phenomenal performer. I am confident that this Spring Fling will be one of the best ever.

-Zach Pentel, Junior, Program Board Concert Chair

Better performer needed for Spring Fling

Before Program Board seeks out an “A-List” performer as The Hatchet suggests, they should at least start with a C-Lister.

Who is Regina Spektor? That’s a question that at least a majority of music-savvy Colonials cannot answer. Spring Fling might as well be held at the Vern so as not to disturb the Frisbee throwers in University Yard.

-Jeff D’Onofrio, Sophomore

Consistency is overrated

Although consistency in all aspects of life may be comfortable and reassuring, there would be no excitement if everything were to stay the same as suggested in “The case for consistency” (Apr. 5, p. 4). GW has been going though numerous modifications within the past year, some good and some bad, but these changes were bound to happen.

Improvements are being made in order to better students’ experiences at GW. But isn’t change usually considered as being beneficial? Seniors have seen our campus and the policies of this institution drastically change within the past four years. Although GW might be a completely different university than it was four years ago, it still holds its genuine values. Incoming freshmen are clearly impressed by the many opportunities that GW has to offer, or they wouldn’t be coming here in the first place.

-Jonna Gilbert, Sophomore

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