Letters to the Editor

Hold your event at “The Vern”

In response to Andrew Siddons’ editorial, “Hands off Alumni House,” (Mar. 29, p. 4), the Mount Vernon staff would like to remind the entire GW community, and especially student organizations, that they should consider hosting their events at the Mount Vernon campus.

“The Vern” affords a wide variety of event spaces, from the elegant Post Hall to the expansive green space of The Quad to the 24-hour access to the excitement of The Pub. Most of the campus’ event spaces even feature flexible catering options with no waiver required. In addition, Mount Vernon Campus Life offers all kinds of support to help you make the most of your event on campus, including easy and efficient connections with Foggy Bottom via The Vern Express and advertising through the ever-popular weekly “What’s Happening @ Mount Vernon” e-mail.

Dozens of student organizations have hosted successful events at the Vern this year. We hope you’ll consider doing the same. For complete information on how to get started, visit gwired.gwu.edu/mvcl/eventplanning.

-Fay Makrinos and Matthew Tisdale,

MVCL Marketing Coordinators for Event and Special Services

-Robert Snyder, Director of MVCL and Marketing

Article missed the point about the gay community

Prerna Rao’s piece “Gay at GW: A culture of acceptance,” (Mar. 26, p. 1) is fundamentally flawed. It fosters almost every gay stereotype at the University and hardly showed the big picture of this community. It falsely portrays the gay community as an isolated entity of hot gay guys, an entity in which no other gays fit. The article even implied that some guys are intimidated to come out to this group.

This article only serves to scare people further into the closet. In my opinion, being gay at GW is not an issue, and the article should have been written about how much of a non-issue it is to be gay at GW. Our situation is one to be envied, and it should be celebrated.

The number of young men who are comfortable enough to come out at GW seems phenomenal to me. In a society that is very un-accepting, GW fosters a very comfortable environment, and the school should be applauded for this. The article should have encouraged those afraid to come out of the closet and sent out a plea to their friends to uphold GW’s reputation of being a tolerant community.

The dynamic of all people we have at this school and the city in which we live nurtures not just tolerance, but also acceptance. When I arrive in the Charlotte, N.C. airport to change planes on the way back to Washington, D.C., I act a bit more subdued in public. Then the second I get off at the Foggy Bottom Metro station, I can take a huge sigh of relief – a testament to the accepting community we have built here. Next time someone decides to write an article about the GW gay community, do some more research.

-Daniel November, Junior

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