Crime Log

Disorderly Conduct

3/24/07 – 1900 Block of F Street – 4:09 a.m. -case closed
A University Police Department officer observed a heated argument between two males – one GW student and one unaffiliated with the University. The officer approached the individuals and they stopped arguing and went separate ways.
-Referred to Student Judicial Services

Drug Law Violation

3/24/07 – Thurston Hall – 1:35 a.m. – case closed
UPD heard loud music and knocked on a Thurston Hall door. Once the door was opened, officers observed alcohol in the room and drug paraphernalia. UPD contacted the community director, who conducted an administrative search. Paraphernalia were confiscated along with less than a gram of marijuana. Eight people were in the room and three were unaffiliated with the University.
-Referred to SJS

Liquor Law Violation

3/24/07 – Off Campus – 3:41 a.m. – case closed
Secret Service notified UPD that a male student was walking down the street with an open container of beer.
-Referred to SJS

3/24/07 – American University Campus – 6:37 a.m. – case closed
UPD received a call from an officer at American University. The AU officer said a female GW student, who was underage, was intoxicated. A cab was called for the student and she was taken to the Mount Vernon campus. Officers assessed her condition and determined that she did not need medical attention. She took the shuttle back to the Foggy Bottom campus.
-Referred to SJS

3/23/07 – Marvin Center – 1:36 a.m. – case closed
UPD observed five students in the fifth-floor bowling alley with open containers of alcohol. The alcohol was disposed of on scene and officers determined that the students did not need medical attention.
-Referred to SJS

Simple Assault

3/23/07 – Off Campus – 2:12 a.m. – case closed
UPD received a call from an injured student. He reported that when he was leaving a club on the 1900 block of M Street with two other students, three subjects approached him and his friends. He reported that two subjects hit him from behind. EMeRG was notified and transported the individual to GW Hospital.
-Off-Campus Incident

3/23/07 – 2400 block of H Street – 2:35 a.m. – open case
UPD observed the Metropolitan Police Department handling an incident and stopped to see if any students were involved. The taxi cab driver reported two individuals unaffiliated with GW left the cab without paying their fare. The driver then stepped out of the cab to collect the fare and one subject scratched the driver. The subject then jumped into the cab and drove a short distance. The other individual fled the scene with the keys. MPD used the cell phone of the first individual to call the second to return the keys. The individual who drove the car was arrested.
-Open case

-compiled by Ashley Roberts

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