WEB EXTRA: Lamb of God and Machine Head

On March 26, heavy metal bands Gorjia, Machine Head and Trivium will support Virginia’s Lamb of God on the Sacrament Tour. Lamb of God recently released a new album this past summer entitled “Sacrament.” The extreme heaviness yet catchiness of L.O.G.’s newest songs like “Redneck” won the band a Grammy nomination for “Best Metal Performance.”

Willie Adler, one of two guitarists from Lamb of God, described “Sacrament” as “genuine, real and more personal” than their previous album, “Ashes of the Wake.” After hearing Randy Blythe’s bone crushing vocals and gruesome lyrics, one quickly understands that Lamb of God is just a bunch of “real dudes dealing with real life struggles through music.”

The Sacrament Tour will also feature Machine Head, who just released a new album called “The Blackening.” Drummer Dave McClain described the album as “hammering, diverse and melodic with killer guitar solos.” Even though Machine Head has never been a real “preachy band,” “The Blackening” is directed at “war and so much stuff that just pisses us off like government, and the way things are going.”

The songs that Machine Head will play such as “Imperium” off their previous album “Through the Ashes of Empires,” are rather long yet contain “killer energy,” which translates into a lively and probably fierce crowd. Dave warned that Machine Head was out on this tour with one “brutal and pounding set” that will “kick people’s heads in.”

With such a killer lineup it is no wonder that so far the shows of the tour have been selling out. The Sacrament Tour also has up and coming Gorjia, from France, who recently toured America with Children of Bodom, establishing a firm fan base. Many will also undoubtedly come out to see the band Trivium, who just released “The Crusade,” following their infamous “Ascendancy.”

However, the majority of fans will be out to see Lamb of God. For the guys from Virginia the “9:30 Club is kind of like playing at home, because it is so close.” Willie Adler just wants the crowd “to get their money’s worth, have a blast and a rocking good time.”

The Sacrament Tour is without a doubt one of the best tours of 2007. All fans of heavy metal must be at D.C.’s 9:30 Club on March 26, to witness the destruction that will take place there and the pure mayhem that will consume the D.C.’s metal heads as Lamb of God puts on a rare and priceless performance.

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