WEB EXTRA: Same old dish: “Kettle of Fish,” though pleasant, offers nothing new

“Kettle of Fish,” a romantic comedy written by indie-director Claudia Myers, opened this Saturday to D.C. audiences. The film sports an impressive cast of notables like Matthew Modine, Gina Gershon and Eddie Kaye Thomas

Modine plays Mel, a saxophone playing ladies man who can’t seem to find a meaningful connection with a woman. On nights when he isn’t playing jazz, or seducing younger women, Mel sits at home serenading his pet fish, Daphne. Realizing he’s nearing 40, he resolves to find a soul-mate. Mel decides to sublet his apartment to Ginger (Gershon) a quirky, British, frog biologist, in order to move in with his girlfriend Inga. But Mel’s commitment to Inga is short-lived. On the way to play at a wedding, Mel meets Diana, the bride to be. The two connect and Mel decides that she is the one.

Forced to admit to Inga that he finds her boring, Mel finds himself put out on the street. Ginger reluctantly agrees to cohabitate with him until she finds a new apartment. Stunned by the lengths to which Mel will go to win over Diana, Ginger finds herself gradually falling for Mel. Unfortunately, Ginger’s advances are rejected as Mel just can’t seem to get over Diana. One wonders how any man could reject Gershon-even the fictitious Mel.

Mel finally gets over Diana, and realizes Ginger is the one for him. But Ginger has already moved on. She has begun dating Casey, a co-worker in her lab. Mel and Ginger only get together but with the help of their pets. Daphne becomes suicidal, and Mel begs Ginger for help. When Ginger brings Daphne back to her lab for testing, Daphne is reunited with Casanova, a frog in Ginger’s lab. When Mel and Ginger witness the affection between Daphne and Casonova, the two realize how simple love really is.

Kettle of fish is your typical romantic comedy; the film is light hearted, predictable, and enjoyable. Gershon is beautiful as always. With “Kettle of Fish”, the actress steps away from the grittier roles which have thus far typified her career. Ultimately, Gershon’s performance is impressive and so is Modine’s, who plays his part to his own age. If you’re fishing for a romantic comedy, catch “Kettle of Fish.”

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