Abanto, Capp to face off for SA president

Round two of the campaign for Student Association President will include junior Marc Abanto and sophomore Nicole Capp, the election oversight committee announced early Friday morning.

The Joint Elections Committee also announced that sophomore Brand Kroeger will vie for the executive vice president position against junior Nick D’Addario. The group released the vote tallies at around 4:30 a.m. in the Marvin Center after nearly seven hours of counting votes Thursday night and Friday morning.

Abanto received 28.9 percent of the vote while Capp garnered 26.7 percent. Kroeger ended the general election with 32 percent of the vote while D’Addario secured 28 percent.

A run-off between the top two vote-getting candidates for each race will occur this Wednesday and Thursday because none of these candidates got more than 40 percent of the vote.

Capp, nearly speechless after the results were announced, credited her spot in the runoff to basic campaign techniques.

“Grassroots, one-on-one conversations every day, every hour, we did it,” said the Columbian College senator who was the only female, sophomore and independent candidate running for SA President.

She garnered a substantial victory in the number of paper ballots cast, many of which came from GW’s graduate schools including the Law School and Medical School. Capp blew away the other candidates in the number of paper ballots. She received 471 votes while the next candidate, Abanto, received 56.

“It feels great,” she said. “It feels wonderful.”

Capp did not see such strong support in the electronic voting, however. Of the five declared candidates Capp came in fourth place in the number of electronic votes cast. While JEC members said there is no way to measure how many graduate or undergraduate students voted, the voting locations with computer ballots were in undergraduate areas including the Marvin Center and Duques Hall.

Despite Capp securing a large portion of the paper ballot votes, Abanto won the highest percentage of votes at almost 29 percent. He credited the success to “mobilizing people.” Abanto said he is already looking forward to next week’s runoff election.

“We are going to try to let this sink in a little,” Abanto said early Friday morning after the JEC announced the results, “then, we will come back strong next week.”

Abanto’s running mate for executive vice president, D’Addario, also placed in the top two for the EVP race. Their slate, the Student Union, won 18 out of the 19 undergraduate Senate seats for which members of their group ran.

“I feel that we have great momentum going into next week,” D’Addario said. “Our win is a credit to the hard work of our people.”

Their candidate for chair of Program Board, junior Jay Kaplan, won his election and sophomore Katie Prescott won the vice chair spot.

Both undergraduate-at-large senate seats also went to Student Union candidates, as did all six seats in the Columbian College and two of the four positions on the Marvin Center Governing Board.

Richard Fowler, a sophomore who was victorious in his race for an at-large bid, explained his slate’s success.

“We had a good ground strategy and a diverse slate with people from all branches of student government,” he said.

Kroeger, who ran for EVP on a ticket with junior David “Tito” Wilkinson, acknowledged the difficulties of going into the runoff as an independent facing a slated candidate.

“It’s always interesting to go up against a slate,” he said. “But we propose a strong alternative, and I think GW is ready for it.”

Wilkinson placed in third place overall with 19.5 percent of the vote, followed by junior Casey Pond with 13.5 percent of the vote and junior Michael Ray Huerta with 10 percent of the vote.

Sophomore Andrew Cooper came in third place in the EVP voting with 22.8 percent of the vote, junior Chirs Rotella came in fourth place with 10 percent of the vote and junior Elliot Bell-Krasner came in fifth place with 5 percent of the vote. More than 3,000 students voted in the SA Presidential election, according to JEC records.

For a complete list of winners from the general election announcement, check www.gwhatchet.com.

–Andrew Ramonas contributed to this report.

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