Abanto facing a violation

Marc Abanto is facing a potentially damaging campaign violation in his candidacy for the SA Presidency.

According to Joint Elections Committee investigator Jeff Goodman, a senior, the JEC will hold a hearing to decide if Abanto will be charged with a violation on Sunday night. On Wednesday night the JEC found probable cause on the violation of threatening violence against another candidate, Goodman said.

Abanto said he would not comment on the allegation of a violation until he receives official notification from the JEC that probable cause has been found. A hearing will be held on Sunday to determine if Abanto will be charged with the violation of the JEC charter.

Goodman said the maximum penalty for the violation is disqualification from the election.

“The allegation is that one of Marc’s authorized agents on postering day (which was last Friday) while standing close to Marc threatened to punch another candidate if that candidate hung a poster in a specific location,” Goodman said.

Goodman said no physical altercation took place.

The JEC will hold a hearing on Sunday in which Goodman will present the prosecution’s side of the violation against Abanto and Abanto will have an opportunity to defend himself against the violation. Then, the JEC will issue a ruling either charging Abanto with the violation and issuing a penalty or dropping the case.

Thursday is the last day of voting for the SA, MCGB and PB general election. The Hatchet expects official results to be released by the JEC late Thursday night or early Friday morning, stay tuned to www.gwhatchet.com and the SA Blog for continuing updates and official election results.

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