WEB EXTRA: Student Association Executive Vice Presidential candidate complete profiles

Name: Andrew Cooper
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Beaufort, S.C.
Major: Political Science, economics
Slate: None
Running Mate: Casey Pond
Clubs/Activities: Community resource associate (GWHP), Black Student Union/Multicultural Student Services Center, Colonial Army, Word Up!, GW Democrats, house proctor, critical needs tutor – Ward 7
Platform: Reduce the printing fee, convert CMail to GMail, more funding for student organizations
SA Experience: SA staffer (fall 2005-spring 2006), vice president of public affairs (fall 2006)
Web site: www.pondandcooper.com
Endorsements: Higher Education Student Association, Women in Masters of Business Administration, Masters in Public Policy and Public Administration, Medical Center Student Council, Balance: The GW Ballet Group
Who would you vote for if you weren’t running?: No answer
Favorite D.C. spot: U-Street/Cardoza
Do you have a Blackberry?: No

Name: Nick D’Addario
Year: Junior
Hometown: Trumbull, Conn.
Major: Political Science, history
Slate: The Student Union
Running Mate: Marc Abanto
Clubs/Activities: College Democrats, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity – DC Alpha, GW NORML, University Students on Board
Platform: Reform the senate rules to make senators more responsible to their fellow students, put 4-RIDE van service online and/or via text messages, make GW the most ‘green’-est urban university in the country by 2027
SA Experience: CCAS-U senator (fall 2006-spring 2006), vice president of undergraduate student policy (fall 2006)
Web site: www.gwstudentunion.com
Endorsements: GW College Democrats, GW NORML
Who would you vote for if you weren’t running?: Chris Rotella
Favorite D.C. spot: The National Gallery of Art
Do you have a Blackberry?: No

Name: Elliot Bell-Krasner
Year: Junior
Hometown: Sudbury, Ma.
Major: Political Science
Slate: None
Running Mate: None
Clubs/Activities: College Democrats, Hillel, International Affairs Society, Jewish Student Association, Sunday school kindergarten teacher, intern at U.S. Capitol
Platform: Assist with problems from students and student organizations, establish stronger communications between students, student organizations and the SA, work closely with senators
SA Experience: SA senate associate parliamentarian (fall 2005), assistant vice president of judicial and legislative affairs (November 2005 – Jan 2006), director of transfer student transfer affairs (spring 2006), assistant vp for executive-senatorial relations (Fall 2006)
Endorsements: None
Web site: http://gwu.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2229222290
Who would you vote for if you weren’t running?: Brand Kroeger
Favorite D.C. spot: Inaugural steps on the U.S. Capitol
Do you have a Blackberry?: No

Name: Brand Kroeger
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Destin, Fla.
Major: Political Science, International Affairs
Slate: None
Running Mate: David “Tito” Wilkinson
Clubs/Activities: Gator Beach alligator wrestler, GW College Republicans vice chairman, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity chaplain, Class Gift Committee 2009 co-chair, Colonials for Life outreach coordinator, 2007 Excellence Awards planning committee, Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Fraternity, Newman Catholic Center, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Student Alliance for Israel
Platform: Expand wireless capabilities, bring back Colonial Invasion and the free newspaper program
SA Experience: Assistant vice president of student activities (Fall 2006)
Web site: www.titoandbrand.com
Endorsements: Jewish Student Association, International Affairs Society, College Republicans
Who would you vote for if you weren’t running?: Andrew Cooper
Favorite D.C. spot: The D.C. Metro Rail system
Do you have a Blackberry?: Yes

Name: Chris Rotella
Year: Junior
Hometown: Garden City, N.Y.
Major: Political Science, psychology
Slate: Students for Progress
Running Mate: Michael Ray Huerta
Clubs/Activities: Sigma Chi Fraternity E-Board, CCAS dean selection committee, SAC student planning committees
Platform: Advocate for students, invite student organization leaders to speak at senate meetings, direct senate to work for students
SA Experience: Senate parliamentarian (fall 2004-spring 2005), CCAS-U senator, Rules Committee chair, chairman pro tempore of the senate (fall 2005-spring 2007)
Web site: http://gwu.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2231073626
Endorsements: None
Who would you vote for if you weren’t running?: Nick D’Addario
Favorite D.C. spot: Monuments late at night
Do you have a Blackberry?: Mortorola “Q” Phone

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