Student Association Endorsements: Peter Fu is best for PB chair

As was the case last year, only two students are running to chair Program Board, an organization that is responsible for organizing major events on campus such as Fall Fest and Spring Fling, as well as some smaller ones. Unlike last year, both candidates have shared fundamental beliefs: that the organization must raise more money to bring big-name acts to campus, focus on organizing fewer programs of better quality and foster a stronger college atmosphere.

Ultimately, this year’s election comes down to the candidate with the most knowledge, strongest experience and the best ideas to achieve the aforementioned goals. Peter Fu stands out as the candidate best qualified to fit this need, and The Hatchet enthusiastically endorses him for PB chair.

In his position as Corporate Affairs Chair this year, Fu was part of a pioneering effort to bring on corporate sponsors. While this effort was limited in scale, it represents this candidate’s commitment to new ideas to support better events.

Fu was also very knowledgeable about issues close to students and seemed to have a good read on the types of music that would resonate with students. He also seemed to display a familiarity with the music world and displayed a practical understanding of the power that entertainment has in creating a stronger, more cohesive campus feel.

Most importantly, Fu understands the importance of building on the areas in which PB does well and abandoning smaller events that are extremely poorly attended.

Jay Kaplan espoused many of the same ideas about PB as his opponent. Kaplan, however, could not articulate how his PB experience would translate into a successful chairmanship in the upcoming year. As Information Technology Chair of the PB Executive Board, Kaplan observed a number of top-level meetings over the past year, but this experience does not provide the hands-on learning necessary for the job.

While Kaplan touched upon the importance of corporate sponsors, he was quick to downplay current efforts to raise outside money. Unfortunately, Kaplan failed to justify how he would do a better job than those who faced the daunting task of courting outside businesses for the first time.

This year’s election for PB chair comes down to two candidates with similar ideas on the direction that the organization should take. Without the proper experience, however, those ideas will go nowhere. Peter Fu has displayed the competency to follow through on his goals and ultimately create better programming for students.

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