WEB EXTRA: Sarah Silverman: Cancer can be funny

If you are homeless, handicapped, gay, black or Jewish, you are not safe from Sarah Silverman. In her new show, “The Sarah Silverman Show”, scheduled to air this evening on Comedy Central, no joke is too crass, no quip is too offensive, and no one leaves unscathed. But if you think that a child dying of cancer is a comedic goldmine, you’ll want to tune it.

In her show, Sarah lives in an apartment paid for by her sister, next door to a gay couple (also her comedic goldmine). She likes cookies, Bugles (those cone shaped crackers), her dog and doesn’t seem to have a job. And as her local grocery man describes her, she’s “kind of Jewy, but totally hot, not out of your league hot, but cute.”

Sarah’s schtick (Jewish word for performance) is about her narcissistic, egocentric and utterly ridiculous lifestyle. The opening episode begins with her frustration at the handicapped marathon- she calls it “cheating”- which is blocking her way to the grocery. She’s in desperate need of batteries because her remote broke during an infomercial requesting money for leukemia patients.

In the second episode, which she describes as “full frontal Jewdity,” she chugs some cough medicine and takes a trip through Nyquil wonderland while driving her car. When the police find her car in the local playground’s sandbox, she stumbles out with the orange medicine smeared across her face with children staring at her in horror.

It’s her super cute smile, big eyes and childlike silliness that allows her to be so potty mouthed. So, when she sings that she’s going to put a stick in your mom’s butt and “put the doody in her eye,” you are going to laugh because she’s oh-so-adorable.

Other than her claim that she “stubbed her vagina,” the most memorable line in these episodes begins with her calling something “gay” in the presence of her homosexual neighbors. She quickly covers up her blunder saying, “I don’t mean gay like homosexual, I mean gay like retarded.” Her facial expression and oblivious innocence is absurd and really amusing.

In fact, sometimes the show is so absurd that you feel like you missed the beginning- everything can seem to lack context. It’s as if there’s an inside joke, and you’re out. But otherwise, it’s a wild ride. You’ll probably feel a little guilty while you’re laughing- but get over it- it’s just a joke.

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