Letters to the Editor

Check numbers and facts about adjuncts

This might seem a bit technical for most Hatchet readers, but let me correct a few minor factual inaccuracies in Mr. Grossman’s otherwise fine article “Court of Appeals hears GW case against part-time professors union” (Nov. 20, p. 1). At one point in the article, the author writes that the election took place last October. In fact, the election was held in October 2004. After losing three appeals to the National Labor Relations Board, the University asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to review the NLRB’s decisions in January 2006. It was this hearing, which consisted of oral arguments, that Grossman covered.

Second, the author writes, “According to the Office of Institutional Research, there are 2,929 part-time professors out of a total of 4,478 professors this fall.” These figures are actually for the fall of 2005, but more importantly they include faculty employed by the medical school, which is run by a different board of trustees that is totally separate from the rest of the University. The medical school faculty are entirely outside of the current unionization process. When you subtract the medical school Faculty from these figures then you end up with 1,053 part-time faculty, approximately 256 full-time contract faculty and about 600 tenure or tenure-eligible faculty.

-Kip Lornell, Adjunct professor of music

Don’t brand us as “elderly”

In the Nov. 20 issue, there was an article on a Thanksgiving luncheon that GW students provided to the residents of St. Mary’s Court (“SA hosts holiday meal” p. 3). It, of course, was delicious and a great example of community volunteerism and responsibility.

Unfortunately, the reporter referred to us as “elderly.” Well, hurumpft! As a baby boomer who finished his seminary masters education in May 2006 and subscribes to the philosophy that it’s never too late or too hard to go back to school, I was insulted. Give us a break!

-Sean Casey Venable

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