Bob Saget performs vulgar act at Lisner

Comedian Bob Saget performed for a sold-out crowd in Lisner Auditorium Thursday evening, marking the second time in two years that he has visited campus.

Saget, who is now widely known for his risque humor, starred in family-themed television shows during the 1990s. Many students remember him as clean-cut Danny Tanner from “Full House,” though Saget spent much of Thursday’s show refuting his bland television persona.

About 1,500 people attended the show, which was presented by Riot Act Entertainment, a promotion company unaffiliated with GW.

Some topics of Saget’s routine included the advantages of shaving pubic hair, reasons not to have sex with animals and his life as a misunderstood celebrity. Saget said “fuck” almost 200 times during the hour-long performance.

“Ask me what my favorite episode of ‘Full House’ is,” said Saget, to which he responded, “The last one.”

Saget, who has always been a racy comic, said that the biggest incentive for appearing on “Full House” was the money, adding that he cursed profusely while on the set of the show.

Several times during his routine, Saget jokingly made references to “bitch slapping” and having sex with his “Full House” nemesis Kimmy Gibbler.

He also spoke about his views on safe sex, warning students about the dangers of date-rape drugs.

Recently divorced with three children, Saget examined his life as a father and his difficulties finding the right woman.

“One day I’m going to meet a woman, she’s going to be age-appropriate, she’s going to be self-sufficient, she’s going to be my age,” Saget said. “And then I’m going to date her daughter.”

At one point Saget brought out his guitar and played several songs, some of which were improvised. One song, called “Danny Tanner Was Not Gay,” referred to his TV character’s sexuality and was set to the tune of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.

During the show, several audience members spoke extensively with Saget about their careers, education and sex lives.

“I really loved the audience Thursday night at Lisner. So much fun for me,” said Saget in an e-mail after the performance. “I can’t wait to come back and play GW and Washington, D.C., in general,” added Saget, who said that he would like to do his act for the U.S. Senate one day.

Audience members said that they enjoyed Saget’s improvisation with the crowd.

“I really liked it when he got the whole audience to participate in the jokes,” said Rachna Vanjani, a first-year medical student. “It made it a lot more personal.”

Rani Nandiwada, a graduate student, agreed that Saget was a unique performer.

“I really like that he played a guitar,” Nandiwada said. “That was really different.”

In addition to Saget, the show featured two opening acts from emcee Andy Campbell and Ryan Stout.

The show’s organizer, John Xereas, said that comedians enjoy coming to GW because the audience always understands the jokes.

“It makes them better,” Xereas said. “It challenges them to be better comics and better writers because the audience expects more.”

At the end of the show, Saget said that he hopes to return to GW next year “to see all the bastard children I’m going to make this evening.”

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