Student Court nominees speak about future

Student Association President Lamar Thorpe’s nominees to the Student Court spoke about what they would like to see for the future of the SA’s judicial branch before their confirmation hearings in the next week.

Junior David Rosenbaum and sophomore Christopher Wimbush joined second-year law student Michael Gore last week as Student Association President Lamar Thorpe’s final nominees for the SA Student Court. All three nominees must first be approved by the SA Rules Committee and then the full Senate.

If the three nominees are approved, all of the seats on the five-person court will be filled for the spring semester.

Rosenbaum acted as a general counsel for the slate “Real GW,” which he said helped prepare him for his job as a Student Court judge.

“I think I have a great handle on the (Joint Elections Committee) charter,” Rosenbaum said. “In addition, I have a passion for constitutional law.”

Thorpe also said in a press release that he accepted the resignation of judge Oliver Tobias, a graduating senior, last week and has nominated Wimbush to fill that seat. Tobias is leaving the court because he plans to graduate in December.

Wimbush is Thorpe’s vice president of judicial and legislative affairs and has also served on the Marvin Center Governing Board.

Wimbush said that he will be a “strong addition” to the court.

“I’m honored by the opportunity to serve as a member of the Student Court, and look forward to ensuring that fairness is preserved and that the organization functions in a way that protects students and holds SA members accountable,” Wimbush said. “I hope to hear cases brought before the court fairly, and make decision based on the bylaws and the SA constitution. In addition, I hope to raise the profile and make a more-understood part of the SA.”

Wimbush said senior John Williford, who serves as Thorpe’s assistant VPJLA, will take over his responsibilities as VPJLA once he is confirmed by the Senate.

The Rules Committee meets this week and those nominees the committee passes will be brought for a vote by the Senate this Tuesday.

The Senate did not meet this week because of the U.S. general election.

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