University offers weekly podcast of campus events

Students can now get information on the latest happenings around campus on their iPod.

The GWeekly podcast, produced by Mount Vernon Campus Life, debuted Friday and includes information such as the location, time and cost of the week’s events.

“Over 10,000 students have read the e-mail each week and we hope to see interest in the Podcasts as well over the next few weeks,” said Tim Miller, director of the Student Activities Center.

The GWeekly e-mail service began in mid-September, and Miller said other initiatives to broadcast events open to GW students may include bulletin boards and outreach through print ads and radio ads in the coming weeks.

Although a podcast called “What’s Happening at Mount Vernon” started late last spring, only four episodes were produced and it was phased out this fall to make way for the new GWeekly podcast.

Matthew Tisdale, the marketing coordinator for Event and Special Services manages the weekly podcast and said in an e-mail that other departments have approached him for advice in producing their own podcasts.

“Mount Vernon Campus Life has heard a positive response for students regarding the podcast,” Tisdale said. “As long as students recognize that we’re working hard to provide them with valuable information in a way that is convenient to them, then we’ve been successful.

“Most students we’ve talked to have said they appreciate us working with new communication mediums that are popular,” he added.

After highlighting the week’s events, the podcast urges students to get out of their dorm rooms and the library to participate in on-campus and off-campus activities.

The podcast is currently available to download via iTunes or the Mount Vernon Campus Life Web site. The information included in the podcast is also available in written form at

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