A change of opinion

I hope that most of our regular readers will notice that there has been a major shift in the content of the opinions section this year. As a college newspaper at a college filled with wannabe presidents, politicians and secretaries of State, The Hatchet has always had to contend with issue of striking a balance between campus focused opinion and political/foreign policy analysis in the opinions section.

This year, I think Gabriel Okolski, our opinions editor, has done an excellent job of fostering a strong group of columnists and interested freshmen to write strictly about issues relating to GW or higher education in general.

It’s important that this is the case because more often than not, letter and op-ed writers just aren’t skilled enough to produce a cogent argument about affairs of state without simply rehashing party line in one way or another. All GW students, however, are experts at one thing – being a GW student.

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