Basketball ticketing meeting

The University held a roundtable discussion with student leaders to discuss the much-publicized issue of basketball ticketing. Administrators, including GW’s AD Jack Kvancz and Helen Saulny Cannaday, the assistant VP of SASS, listened to students’ concerns about the potential change of basketball admission policy.

Few things made clear tonight:

Frank Dale, the president of the Colonial Army, was invited to the meeting shortly before it started. He was accidentally left off the e-mail list.

The University wants to replace bleachers with seats. GW also will issue tickets, free this year but charge in the future.

The major concern articulated was the possibility that policies enacted would hurt student spirit. Dale said he is concerned with the lack of potential members if the early admission policy is enacted. Funding for the group may be difficult to find,
Many of those in attendance did not support early attendance for student groups if it was not through the Colonial Army.

Ideas are being tossed around but a timetable for a decision is unknown.

Read more about this in Monday’s Hatchet and PLEASE leave comments here about issues with the ticketing plan discussed in today’s Hatchet. It was discussed tonight at the meeting.

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