NFL package to return

The University plans to resume its subscription to an NFL television package this weekend after canceling the package due to construction on the fifth floor of the Marvin Center, an official said.

GW canceled the NFL Sunday Ticket, a DirecTV plan that gives customers out-of-town football games, because they anticipated construction on the seating area for the new Sodexho restaurant WOW Wingery, said Michael Peller, the managing director of the Marvin Center.

The University has decided to resume its subscription to the package because construction to the affected area will not begin as early as expected, Peller said.

“We found out there is a fair amount of time between now and when the construction will actually be to the point where it impacts the viewing area,” Peller said Wednesday afternoon. Peller would not comment on how long the construction is delayed.

Renovation is slated to begin in the kitchen area and eventually move into the viewing area. As the construction creeps into the television viewing area, the University will cancel the subscription again, Peller said.

The University does not have the ability to move the viewing area to another part of the building because changing the wiring for the televisions would be too expensive and complex, Peller said.

There are plans to add several more televisions when the restaurant opens. The University typically purchases the football and college basketball packages for students and staff to view games in the Hippodrome.

A handwritten sign placed outside the elevators on the fifth floor Sunday afternoon notified students about the package.

Watching football games in the hippodrome has been popular with students, with people filling the couches Sunday afternoons.

“It was great, there were always a bunch of people -each team always had its own little cheering section,” said Peter Goldberg, a senior from the Chicago area and regular at the Hippodrome on game days. “I would stop by and watch maybe two or three Sundays a month as a study break. Just sit around and eat some food and watch the game to relax.”

Residence hall cable programming only carries local network programming that usually shows Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens coverage.

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