Dorsey convicted of beating elderly Foggy Bottom woman

The man accused of beating an elderly woman across the street from New Hall last spring was found guilty Thursday.

James Dorsey was on trial for beating Vasiliki Fotopoulos, an elderly woman who sells umbrellas at the Foggy Bottom Metro on rainy days. The incident occurred at midday on May 3, 2005, on the 700 block of 24th Street, an area of residential Foggy Bottom that lies across the street from the west side of New Hall. Fotopoulos was sent to the hospital but has since recovered from the attack.

Dorsey’s guilty verdict could land him in prison for up to 75 years, according to The Washington Post. The D.C. Superior Court slated the sentencing phase of the trial for July 20.

The jury’s decision came after nearly six days of deliberations, including one day where they told the judge that they couldn’t come to a verdict. Judge Henry Greene ordered them back into further deliberations, and they ultimately came to a consensus, The Post reported.

Foggy Bottom residents were pleased by the news about Fotopoulos’ attacker.

“I was very sad to hear what happened to her,” said Ron Cocome, a board member of the Foggy Bottom Association who knows Fotopoulos. “But I’m glad justice was served and even more happy that she’s back on her feet again in Foggy Bottom.”

Mike Akin, director of Foggy Bottom-West End Affairs, said that the attack is not a characterization of violence in the neighborhood.

“Foggy Bottom is one of the safest neighborhoods in D.C., and the University feels privileged to be located here,” Akin said. “The attack raised concern among many residents in Foggy Bottom, much of whom are elderly people, but the offending person has been taken off the streets, and hopefully we’re safer moving forward.”

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