Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

Lerner purchasing Nationals
Businessman Theodore Lerner, a financial donor to GW and a former Board of Trustees member, is the new owner of the Washington Nationals. GW should take advantage of this connection to the team by setting up internships, giving business classes the opportunity for real world experience and facilitating ticket deals.

EMeRG ambulance woes
The Emergency Medical Response Group pursued the purchase of an ambulance for the past six years, but has been unable to acquire one due to red tape. Not expanding beyond their Chevy Tahoe hampers EMeRG’s ability to respond to emergencies on campus. Administrators should do everything they can to back the group’s effort.

Marvin Center plans
Following Aramark’s contract termination with the University, GW chose Sodexho to become GW’s main food service provider. The new company’s plans to include an all-you-can-eat venue in J-Street and a restaurant serving alcohol in the Hippodrome show consideration for students’ wishes. It is possible that the Marvin Center might finally become the student center that it is billed as.

FBA lawsuit
The Foggy Bottom Association is suing six D.C. agencies in an effort to halt GW’s development plans on Square 54, the vacant lot next to the hospital. The University’s plan for a mixed-use facility developed after a deliberative process, and the FBA’s actions show continued opposition to virtually every GW initiative regardless of its merits.

Budget adjustments
While administrators ended up cutting less than a quarter of an originally planned $4 million slash in the academic budget, these reductions will still hurt the University. Several departments may be severely impacted by the upcoming budget, and GW may face considerable negative feedback from students and alumni alike.

Student activism
Over the past several weeks, students participated in immigration protests, organized a demonstration against Music Department cuts and held events denouncing the genocide in Darfur. It is admirable to see members of the GW community practice what they preach.

Departing Hatchet seniors
Apologies are due to the state of Texas, which will have to put up with Michael Barnett and his awkward conversations, eccentric personality and questionable judgement. Also, congratulations are due to Will Dempster, whose rants on Israel will actually be taken seriously as he pursues his graduate degree in Jerusalem next year.

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