Student leaders pleased with newest J Street renovations

The changes Sodexho plans to make to campus dining sound familiar to some students.

This year’s chair of the Student Association’s Dining Services Commission, junior Tim Saccoccia, worked closely with the University and Aramark in attempts to bring some of the same food service options to campus that Sodexho now intends to include in its renovated J Street.

“One of the things that really hit home was the all-you-can-eat venue,” said Saccoccia, who petitioned Aramark throughout the past academic year for something similar to Sodexho’s planned J Street Caf?, an eatery that will feature all-you-can-eat dining.

However, Sodexho plans to make some changes that Saccoccia did not originally envision.

“I am a little disappointed about shrinking down the District Market,” Saccoccia said.

Part of Sodexho’s J Street renovations include plans to relocate the District Market supermarket from its current location on the Marvin Center’s lower level to the main level, scaling it down to a convenience store and putting it in the space currently occupied by Jamba Juice.

One other eatery Sodexho plans to bring to the Marvin Center is a full-service restaurant located in the Hippodrome, which will serve beer and wine to patrons 21 and older.

“I think it is a good way to bring students up to the Hippodrome more often,” said Casey Pond, a sophomore, who was recently confirmed as chair of the Student Association’s Dining Services Commission.

“My main focus is to make sure dining services are student-friendly,” Pond said.

Since the introduction of Colonial Cash in 2003, which allows students to use their GWorld cards at numerous off-campus venues, Aramark has had difficulty attracting customers to J Street.

Aramark experienced a 30 percent hit to its profit margins in 2003. Renovations were made to J Street in the summers of 2004 and 2005, in attempts to make the dining center competitive with off-campus vendors.

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