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Senior nights
All around the District

In case you’ve been living in a box, or somehow have avoided Class Council’s e-mails for the last year, you’ve already been to (or at least heard about) the “senior nights” in the D.C. area.

Senior nights have their advantages: they expose the GW population to a new set of bars, they frequently have drink specials and you’re bound to run into someone you haven’t seen since freshman year.

They also have their disadvantages: the bars are all filled with GW people – detracting from the character many of the bars have – the drink specials are usually not worthwhile and you’re bound to run into someone you haven’t seen since freshman year.

All of that aside, if you haven’t been to a senior night yet, you should go. And even if you have been to one (or many), you shouldn’t hold back from going again. The senior nights I have attended have all had a very different vibe and been as small as 30 people to as large as nearly our entire campus.

I missed last weekend’s senior night at Porter’s because a roof party much closer to home called my name. If you missed it too, fear not, for there are three left in April.

If you really want to relive the past, I suggest you head to Sign of the Whale Thursday night, where many of us went as sophomores when Hatter’s started cracking down on fake ID use. I haven’t been back since.

I will, without a doubt, be in attendance on Friday, April 21, at The Big Hunt’s 5 p.m. happy hour. The Big Hunt is, hands down, one of my favorite bars in the District. With more than 20 beers on tap, and some of the best bartenders around, I’ve never had a bad night at The Big Hunt (and there have been many). Two beers I would recommend: Rogue Dead Guy Ale,and the Allagash White (even better with a shot of raspberry liqueur in the bottom, ask the bartender). If you’ve figured out who I am by now, this would be a great time to buy me a beer.

The final senior night in April is Thursday, April 27 at Rumors. I’ll be honest: in spite of the fact that I’ve walked by that bar more times than I can count, I’ve never actually been inside. But as it’s close to campus and one of the last senior nights, I can guarantee what the scene inside will be like: lots of drunken people pretending you were/are best friends with them even though they don’t even remember you weren’t here all of junior year.

The scene will be so packed it will take you 20 minutes to get to the bar, and then good luck getting the bartender’s attention once you arrive. But if you stay long enough, you’ll see that girl you’ve secretly despised since freshman year (maybe it was me?) fall down the stairs, break her cell phone and have an equally drunk friend try to pick her up and help her home. And since our campus is so predictable, I can guarantee at least one guy that you have been wanting to hook up with will also be there, pink collar popped and all.

Senior nights may not be my favorite nights in the District, but no matter how much I vow never to go back, I end up at them until three in the morning, just as drunk as everyone else singing along to tunes I probably don’t like but that the DJ deems our drunken ears want to hear (Kelly Clarkson, anyone?)

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Bar Belle Rating: 2/4

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