April Fools’ Issue: The Cartoon Controversy

Reader’s note: This story is satirical in nature and published in a spoof issue.

In recent weeks, cartoons depicting GW President Stealing Your Trachtenbucks appeared in Israeli newspapers and ignited riots all over the world. You may be surprised to see these photos on the pages of the BitchSlap. While the editorial board feels that the initial decision to print the images of Trachtenbucks, which is forbidden by Foggy Bottom law, may have been the wrong move, it is important that our readers are able to decide for themselves how they feel about the cartoons.

The world is still reeling from the cartoons’ publication, as a band of rampaging Foggy Bottom senior citizens laid siege to Ivory Tower last week after the images of Trachtenbucks enraged them. They also organized a sit-in at the Gelman Starbucks in an attempt to throw a caffeine-addicted GW campus into turmoil. The sit-in, however, failed when students were informed that another Starbucks is located across the street.

Many have defended the right to publish depictions of Trachtenbucks noting that other figures of his stature – Moses and Jesus – have also been portrayed poorly in cartoons. Also, many citizens have argued for the right of newspapers to enrage huge segments of the world population.

Now it is your turn to view the cartoons for yourself and decide where you stand on the issue.

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