Election Day!!

Thursday’s the big day. It’s a day a select few hundred students at GW await every year. It will change the course of the next year for about 35 people that will get elected to positions in the Student Association, Program Board and Marvin Center Governing Board.

Unfortunately this is not a MCGB blog or a PB blog so I don’t have a lot of insight into those elections. I do have some news analysis for the SA elections.

This year all the candidates have clear advantages and disadvantages. While last year it seemed fairly clear before the election that Ben Traverse would make it into the run-off because of his large base of Coalition for Reform support, this year there does not appear to be a front running candidate who is guaranteed a spot in the run-off.

There are three SA Presidential candidates running on slates: Morgan Corr, Nick D’Addario and Elliot Rozenberg. These candidates might have a slight advantage because they have senate candidates as a base of support to come out and vote for them.

Corr and D’Addario’s slates are similar. Corr’s slate has a number of current senators running for re-election or higher positions in the senate (Abanto for U-At Large, Rotella for CCAS), D’Addario has one, (Casey Rose for U-At Large) and a familiar face from last year (Luke Moses for CCAS).

Corr and D’Addario will benefit from the large slates they have because when students come out and vote for their friends for senate, they will most likely also vote for the presidential candidate for that party.

Elliot Rozenberg has a strong slate as well. Rozenberg will pull the PIKE fraternity vote, one of the largest and fastest growing Greek-Organizations on campus and could pull some votes from his experience on Colonial Cabinet.

The other candidates are not running on slates, but they still have very strong bases of support. For example, Casey Pond has much of the SA Executive campaigning for him and will have the support of another large on-campus fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi.

Lamar does not have a fraternity nor a slate as a base, but he does have a fairly large following of students from a variety of students organizations. While many organizations gave endorsements to Corr, based on the Hatchet editorial and Lamar and Kirk’s campaign tactics of going to as many student organization meetings as possible, Lamar could have a strong showing Thursday night.

Nate Hayward could be a dark horse candidate this year. Involved with many student organizations including most multi-cultural organizations, Hayward could see strong support from many of GW’s minority student organizations. His lack of SA experience could also be appealing to some student voters.

And Daniel Mittelberger likes crazy hats. While he’s a joke candidate some students may just vote for him as a joke as well. Who knows, if voter turnout is low enough because of the new GWID system needed for paper ballots and a lack of a front-running candidate, Mittelberger could surprise everyone and do well come Thursday night. Hell could also freeze over.

So that’s my analytic two cents on the SA Presidential candidates.

Voting stations will be open Wednesday and Thursday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in select locations around the University including Marvin Center lower level computer lab, Funger Hall, Java City on Mt. Vernon, Law School Hard Lounge and the Medical School in Ross Hall.

Stay tuned to gwhatchet.com for election results Thursday night/Friday morning and the SA Blog for continuing coverage up until then.

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