SA official calls for Corr’s impeachment

Only days before the election for Student Association president, a leading candidate for the organization’s top post is facing possible impeachment.

After a weeklong investigation it has been recommended by an independent investigator that junior Morgan Corr, the SA’s executive vice president and a candidate running for SA president this week, be impeached and removed from office.

The impeachment recommendation, authored by the SA’s vice president of judicial and legislative affairs, junior Jeff Goodman, claims that Corr not only illegally transferred $2,000 to three student organizations last month but that the transfer of money was used in an attempt to influence the endorsement process of the International Affairs Society. [Click here to read VP Goodman’s report.]

Last week The Hatchet reported that Corr bypassed the SA Senate’s Finance Committee and gave $1,000 to the IAS, $500 to Students for Justice in Palestine and $500 to the Muslim Student Association. Three weeks after the money transfer, the IAS endorsed Corr for SA president. Both Corr and IAS organizers said the money transfer did not influence the endorsement process.

Goodman alleges that Corr violated SA Bylaw 409, which in his opinion is grounds for disciplinary action. He further alleges that Corr should be impeached because of his violation of his oath of office.

Last week Corr admitted to not following bylaws when transferring the money but defended the action, saying that it was to help student organizations.

“This is all a little bit ridiculous,” Corr said after Goodman released this report. “I have addressed the issue and I think it is time to move on.”

Corr said Goodman’s accusations and recommendations are merely for shock value during election week, and he said Goodman’s “intentions and motivations are highly questionable.”

For a member of the SA to be impeached, one-third of senators must sign articles of impeachment, which have already been drafted. If Goodman can attain 10 signatures, the SA would hold a trial against Corr, which would be presided over by SA Student Court Chief Judge Christina Vamvas. The SA’s next meeting is this Tuesday; the election is this Wednesday and Thursday.

Corr faced trouble last year running for EVP. Although Corr was the only EVP candidate last year, he was a campaign violation or two away from being disqualified from running.

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