SA Guide: SA Senate hopefuls list

This story is part of The GW Hatchet’s 2006 SA Election Guide.

U-At Large (Two seats available)
Marc Abanto (Real GW)
Chris Brooks (GWUnited)
Maggie Desmond
Max Holland (Real GW)
Nicole Lennon (GWUnited)
Daniel November (The College Party)
Ogheneruemu (OG) Oyiborhoro
Casey Rose (The College Party)

SEAS-U (Two seats available)
Vishal Aswani (Real GW)
Mike Harkness (The College Party)
Kamal Patel (GWUnited)

CCAS-U (Six seats available)
Erin Antonio (Real GW)
Daniel Bernstein (Real GW)
Priscilla Bertel (The College Party)
Mushfique Shams Billah
Nicole Capp (Real GW)
Andrea Criollo (GWUnited)
Mia Fine (The College Party)
Richard Grasso (GWUnited)
Karri Elyse Hester
Luke Moses (The College Party)
Sara Neumann (The College Party)
Robert Platt (Real GW)
Yael Ramer (The College Party)
Christopher Rotella (Real GW)
Timothy Saccoccia (GWUnited)
Renee Sieli (GWUnited)
Julie Silverbrook (GWUnited)
Jordan Teller (Real GW)
Rachel Wolbers (The College Party)

SoB-U (Three seats available)
Steven Aveni (GWUnited)
Nathan Brill (Real GW)
Kenneth Brown (The College Party)
Ryan DeWerd
Jason Lah (Real GW)
Uptin Saiidi (GWUnited)
ESIA-U (Three seats available)
Eduardo Alves (The College Party)
Angelica Bertot (The College Party)
Andrew Blackwell
George Blair (Real GW)
Jackie Burns (GWUnited)
Ryan Demerlis (GWUnited)
Michael Huerta (GWUnited)
Jessica Jacobson (Real GW)
Kevin Kozlowski (Real GW)
Sam Miller (The College Party)

SPHHS-U (One seat available)
Isabella Bacardi (The College Party)
Jennifer Kotlewski (GWUnited)

CCAS-Grad (Two seats available)
Brandon Sherr

SMHS-Grad (One seat available)
Jeffery Simon (GWUnited)

MCGB-U (Four seats available)
Bryant Avondoglio (Real GW)
George Ho (The College Party)
Michael Keough (GWUnited)
Charlie Leizear (Real GW)
Adam Linet (GWUnited)
Tim Shea (Real GW)
Sarah Shiboski (The College Party)
Michael Whitten (The College Party)
Jonathon Yanow (GWUnited)
Miki Yoshioka (GWUnited)

PB Chair
Bea Querido
Dan Secatore

PB Executive Vice Chair
Andrew Akins
Dustin Wright (Real GW)

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