SA Guide: SA presidential candidate profiles

This story is part of The GW Hatchet’s 2006 SA Election Guide.

Presidential Candidates

Morgan Corr

Year: Junior

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Major: Political science

Clubs/Activities/Job: Sigma Chi fraternity, GW Philosophy Department

SA Experience: Current executive vice president, former SA senator

Slate or Ticket: Real GW

Web site:

Endorsements: The International Affairs Society, The College Democrats, The College Republicans, The GW Chess Club, The Daily Colonial, Alpha Delta Pi sorority, University Students on Board

Expand services such as the free Colonial Coach shuttle service
Advocate on issues that matter to students, such as advising, transcript fees, housing inspections and textbook prices
Create a Student Organization Resource Center to provide much-needed assistance for student organization leaders

Number One Priority: “To refocus the Student Association to be a services-oriented organization.”

If you were not running for SA president, whom would you vote for? Casey Pond

How many GW men’s basketball games have you attended this season? Five

Nick D’Addario

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Trumbull, Conn.

Major: Double major in political science and history

Clubs/Activities: Member and philanthropy chair of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity
SA Experience: Current Columbian College of Arts and Sciences senator

Slate or Ticket: The College Party

Web site:

Promote a healthy campus lifestyle
Create greater student outreach by the SA
Give the GW campus back to the students

Number One Priority: “Reaching out to students who have had no prior interest in the SA and getting new people involved in the SA.”

If you were not running for SA president, whom would you vote for? Elliot Rozenberg
How many GW men’s basketball games have you attended this season? Two or three games

Nate Hayward

Year: Junior

Hometown: Montchanin, Del.

Major: American studies with a concentration in multiculturalism: difference and diversity

Clubs/Activities: Member of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc., Chinese American Student Association, Philippines Culture Society, Vietnamese Student Association, Organization of Latino American Students, NAACP, Asian Student Alliance, Multicultural Greek Council, Executive Committee for the National Asian Greek Council

SA Experience/Slate or Ticket: None

Web site:

Improving student advising
Better publicity of University programs and services
Increasing diversity of programs, professors, and students
Revamping the GWeb Info System to allow for students to see requirement by requirement how they are progressing toward their degree at GW

Number One Priority: “Motivate students to care about the University they attend, and help instill in others a desire to improve GW.”

If you were not running for SA president, whom would you vote for? Lamar Thorpe
How many GW men’s basketball games have you attended this season? “One game, the last game against Charlotte. It definitely is one of the best sporting events I have ever been to, and after the game, I felt a lot of pride in being a GW student.”

Casey Pond

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Citrus Heights, Calif.

Major: Double major in international affairs and economics

Clubs/Activities/Jobs: Roosevelt Institution communications director, Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, Riverhorse Bistro and University Club server, GW basketball game concessions

SA Experience: Vice president of public affairs for SA President Audai Shakour.

Web site:

Create a representative body of student organizations
Create GW’s first publication highlighting student events on campus
Create a program to help get students more involved in D.C.
Provide students with day-to-day services such as cheaper photocopying

Number One Priority: “Help student organizations increase the quality of their events on campus by helping them collaborate with each other as well as communicate their needs with the Student Association.”

If you were not running for SA president, whom would you vote for? Lamar Thorpe

How many GW men’s basketball games have you attended this season? “I have attended all GW men’s basketball games.”

Daniel Mittelberger

Year: Junior

Hometown: Rockville, Md.

Major: Double major in physics and math

Clubs/Activities: President of the Society of Physics Students, vice president of the Physics and Philosophy Club

SA Experience: None

Web site: Has a group

”Apathy, humility and crazy hats!”

Number One Priority: “I would focus primarily on removing the red tape and the bureaucratic nonsense that makes running a student organization so tedious. I think the whole funding process needs to be streamlined.”

If you were not running for SA president, whom would you vote for? Morgan Corr

How many GW men’s basketball games have you attended this season? “None. I don’t watch clothed sports. I mean, what’s the point?”

Elliot Rozenberg

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Forest Hills, N.Y.

Major: Sport and event management

Clubs/Activities: College Democrats, Academic Integrity Council, a Business School mentor, GW women’s basketball team manager, 2005 Colonial Cabinet member

SA Experience: Associate director of services for the Student Services and Advocacy Center

Slate or Ticket: GWUnited

Web site:

Improve academic advising services in all schools of the University
Improve residence hall services, including Fix-it and mail services
Focus on the accessibility and accountability of the SA

Number One Priority: “Bring the SA back to the student body. I will work to ensure that the SA will work to help students rather than focus on internal SA issues that don’t matter to students.”

If you were not running for SA president, whom would you vote for? Daniel Mittelberger

How many GW men’s basketball games have you attended this season? “I have attended about 10 or so men’s basketball games and approximately 20 women’s games, including away games.”

Lamar Thorpe

Year: Junior

Hometown: Los Angeles

Major: Double major in women’s studies and sociology

Clubs/Activities/Job: Black Student Union, NAACP, Black Ace Newsletter, Jewish Progressive Political Association, Fair Trade, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, U.S. Naval Reserve

SA Experience: Representative on the Joint Committee of Faculty and Students, student judicial adviser, 2004-2005

Web site:

Endorsements: Filipino Cultural Society, GW Fair Trade Chapter, Black Student Union

Empower ourselves to advocate about things that matter
Being proud of being Colonials once again through fairness, opportunity and community
Provide additional services in the SA’s student advocacy center

Number One Priority: “Restoring our Colonial pride by showing that the SA can provide good services and advocacy.”

If you were not running for SA president, whom would you vote for? No answer.

How many GW men’s basketball games have you attended this season? “Most home games, but the real question should be how many women’s games has anyone attended.”

Executive Vice Presidential Candidates

Angela L. Chang

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Orange County, Calif.

Major: Major in international affairs with a minor in Chinese language and literature

Clubs/Activities/Jobs: Secretary of the International Affairs Society, Alpha Delta Pi sorority member, National Residence Hall Honorary, Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Sorority, Chinese American Student Association, head peer leadership mentor for the Emerging Leaders Program, community facilitator, congressional intern

SA Experience: None

Slate/SA presidential supporter: Real GW, Morgan Corr

Endorsements: College Democrats, International Affairs Society, Alpha Delta Pi
Number One Priority: Providing lower cost textbooks by having books used for classes on reserve in the library

Kirk Haldeman


Hometown: Wyomissing, Pa.

Major: Business administration with a concentration in finance and a master of public administration

Clubs/Activities/Jobs: National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Phi Eta Sigma honor society, the National Residence Hall Honorary, the volleyball club, the chess club, DC Reads, STAR tour guide, FYDP mentor in the School of Business, waiter at the Occidental, Contemporary Service Insight analyst

SA Experience: SA senator

SA presidential supporter: Lamar Thorpe

Number One Priority: “The position of executive vice president is more about doing little things right rather than sweeping changes; however, one situation I feel the SA needs to take firm ground on is establishing a group to advise and revitalize the housing situation to better equip students with the knowledge of their options. ”

Josh Lasky

Year: Junior

Hometown: Cranford, N.J.

Major: Political science, with a minor in geography

Clubs/Activities/Jobs: Vice president of the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, Beta Theta Pi, deans’ intern at the GW Deans of Students Office, past community facilitator
SA Experience: SA first-year non-voting senator freshman year, SA senator last year

Slate/ Presidential Supporter: GWUnited, Elliot Rozenberg

Endorsements: Daily Colonial, Medical Center Student Council, College Republicans, G-Dub Ultimate Frisbee, Beta Theta Pi
Number One Priority: “Improve the SA’s (and especially the Senate’s) communication with students.”

Kristen E. Walker

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Allison Park, Pa.

Major: Double major in business and public administration.

Clubs/Activities: Class Council, Senior Class Gift Committee

SA Experence: None
Slate/SA presidential Supporter: The College Party/Nick D’Addario

Number One Priority: “Ensure better communication between the executive branch, the Senate, the students, the administration and student groups.”

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