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I would like to take the opportunity to remind all of you SA Blog readers that the comments are moderated and subject to deletion based on defamatory content. We at The Hatchet realize there is a fine line between being critical of candidates and coalitions and being accusatory or derogatory toward them.

So we ask that you exclude unsubstantiated accusations in your comments. In the past, I would cut specific phrases or sentences that violated our blog publishing policy from the comments and leave the rest intact. However, since the SA election season is well under way — which brings with it an air of contentiousness and mudslinging on the part of some student activists — we’ve decided to not post comments of which any part fails to meet our standards of decency.

Below are examples of what is an acceptable comment that will be posted and what is an unacceptable one that won’t make it onto

Appropriate: “If Corr truly believed communication was a big characteristic of leadership, then he would have done something to make sure there were more than only two meeting’s minutes posted on that website from 2005-2006.”

Inappropriate: “It seems candidate just can’t keep up with the scandals before him, giving out kickbacks to friends (like president a did), or doing absolutely nothing but bring bad press to the Student Association (like president b does).”

The first comment, though sharply critical of the candidate, references a tangible shortcoming which can be verified. The second comment, on the other hand, makes a sweeping accusation — accusing two officials of giving kickbacks to friends, without any substantiation.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this policy, feel free to e-mail me at

Take care,
David Ceasar
Web Editor & Blogmaster

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