New book targets ‘dangerous’ academes

Racists, sexual deviants and terrorist sympathizers could be gathering on your college campus, according to a new book by social critic David Horowitz.

In his book The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, Horowitz argues that American universities are full of radical professors who indoctrinate students at the expense of both parents and taxpayers.

Horowitz specifically names professors who he claims openly advocate for the killing of Americans, defend pedophilia and promote the views of Islamic extremists within the classroom setting. The book also briefly profiles and cross-lists professors so that readers can easily find similarly minded scholars.

In the book’s introduction Horowitz notes that “professors have every right to interpret the subjects they teach according to their individual points of view,” but adds that “it is the responsibility of professors to be professional – and therefore ‘academic’ – in their classrooms, and therefore not to require students to agree with them on matters which are controversial.”

The book has caused a stir among several left wing groups and academics who question the accuracy of Horowitz’s accusations. Kathy Sproles, President of the National Education Association’s National Council for Higher Education, called the book “purposefully misleading.”

“Mr. Horowitz claims to be protecting the classroom, but most of his stories talk about activities that happen outside the classroom,” Sproles said in a statement. “The only thing Horowitz proves in this book is the distance he is willing to go to silence his critics.”

Although some listed professors have chosen not to react publicly, others have spoken up. Professor Marc Becker, a professor at Truman State University in Missouri who made the list, said that he was “stunned” to find his name in Horowitz’s book.

“Most of what is included on me is just copied and pasted from my website without any context, analysis or interpretation,” said Becker.

Other professors said the book is simply insignificant. David Cole, a law school professor as Georgetown University featured in the book, said his initial thought was that Horowitz “must have a lot of free time on his hands” and that he isn’t worried that Americans will take the list seriously.

“I think Americans have learned from history that ‘enemies lists’ – whether they be McCarthy’s, Hoover’s, Nixon’s, or Horowitz’s – say more about the psychosis of the list maker than about the persons listed,” Cole said.

Students of the listed professors said they were also skeptical of the book. Avery Katz, a senior at Columbia University, which tops the list with nine professors, said he has yet to read the book but was skeptical of Horowitz’s intentions.

“It seems it is actually Horowitz who has the radical agenda here – aiming to cleanse any academics who take a position,” said Katz, who has taken two courses with listed professor Eric Foner. “I think it is important that academics maintain different viewpoints and it is in fact the job of a college student in university to filter this perspective and decide what they think about an issue.”

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