End of a series

Today, we published the final article in our D.C. Neighborhoods series. For the last few months, we’ve done article about five different D.C. neighborhoods, their residents, and the issues they face. Our goal was to introduce students to the people and places that they don’t see very often – too often students remain insulated in Foggy Bottom-Georgetown-Dupont. Most of the articles wound up focusing on the gentification issues these neighborhoods face, and how rising housing prices are forcing residents out of their communities. These have been some of my favorite stories I’ve seen in the paper, and Metro Editor Katie Rooney and her team of reporters did a fantastic job spearheading the effort and putting together quality work.

Today’s story by Prerna Rao is about LeDroit Park.

We’ve also written about Kalorama (by Josey Bartlett), Navy Yard (by Katie) , Sursum Corda (by Steve Austin), and Mount Pleasant (by Catherine Villnave).

But, Katie and I decided that it was time to try something new after finishing five stories in the series. One thing we’re considering is a regular feature on D.C. City leaders and politicians. We’ve already talked to Ward 2 councilman Jack Evans, which could be a good start to such a series. But, we may try something else. If anyone has any ideas for a regular series they’d like to see in the Hatchet news section, feel free to e-mail me (rholeywell [at] gwhatchet.com), Katie (krooney [at] gwhatchet.com), or post a comment.

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