Booze & babes: Tucker Max, notorious for debauchery, brings his raunchy read to campus

Tucker Max is painstakingly honest.

He is proud of his drunken escapades, unapologetic about his sex life – and people absolutely love it.

People love Tucker Max so much that his new book, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell,” made it to The New York Times bestseller list with minimal promotional advertising.

Max, 30, is best known for his Web site,, where he hilariously documents every raunchy detail of his sexual adventures. The book is a compilation of stories with titles such as “Tucker tries buttsex; hilarity does not ensue” and “The Dog Vomit Story.” Max said he hopes this book will help him move “from the kid table to the adult table.”

He is touring the country, stopping off at colleges to sign books, drink and meet girls. How many girls does Tucker Max meet?

“I don’t have enough dick for all the pussy that is thrown at me,” he said.

Max stopped by GW last Sunday for a book signing at the Lambda Chi Alpha townhouse, where fans lined up to meet the author.

Senior Liz Denniston was the first to arrive to meet Tucker. Denniston described herself as a huge Tucker Max fan and is not offended by his stories.

“He’s a dick, but that’s what I love about him,” she said.

Max’s writing is unquestionably not for the faint of heart, yet it does not stop people from finding his stories to be genuinely hysterical.

“If you’re offended by them, you don’t have to read them,” said senior Ken Anderson, a member of Lambda Chi Alpha.

Max truly lived up to his reputation when Julie Ann Aueron, a freshman, walked into the book signing event. After rushing over to give Max a hug, Aueron waited eagerly for Max to sign her book, and then burst into laughter after reading what he wrote: “I wish I was staying the night. I would totally fuck you.” (And in true Tucker Max fashion, he added his phone number.)

To be fair, Tucker Max is not a dumb horny slacker. In fact, he just may be brilliant. Not only did he graduate from Duke University Law School, he also found a way to make money off a lifestyle that most men would envy. As glamorous as this lifestyle sounds, however, Tucker insisted that he’s just a regular guy. “There’s a lot of work that goes behind this. I intentionally make it look easy,” said Max, whose GW appearance marked the 11th day in a row he had been on the road.

“I’m not a god. I’m not a deity,” he added.

Not surprisingly, Max faces his harshest criticism from his parents. While his father has grown more accepting of his son’s occupation, his mother continues to struggle with it.

Max said, “My mom just cries a lot and asks why I’m not a nice person.”

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