“What’s the deal with …” the pronunciation of Duqu?s Hall?

It’s a building of many names. Or rather, it’s a building of one name that nobody seems to know how to say.

The new School of Business building, Ric and Dawn Duqu?s Hall, opened its doors this semester, and its pronunciation is stumping many.

The less culturally astute say it like “ducks.” The exceedingly cultural astute say it rhymes with “bouquet” (with a very accented French flare). A variety of other pronunciation attempts fall somewhere in between.

The real way to say it, or at least how Ric and Dawn say it, goes like this: first syllable sounds like “dew,” second syllable rhymes with “mess.”

“Around the University people have asked me how to pronounce it because people tend to pronounce it the French way,” said Sarah Elizabeth Kunkleman, assistant director of communications for the school.

The building’s namesakes both graduated from GW’s School of Business in the 1960s, receiving their degrees in business administration. Keeping it in the family, the Duqu?s’ two children, David and Tiffany, also received business administration degrees from GW in 1997 and 2002.

-Caitlin Carroll

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