Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down: The Hatchet’s take on the month’s events

Allen Lee purchase
The purchase of the dilapidated Allen Lee hotel by a private developer is a big loss for GW. In order to have the widest array of options when planning for campus development, it is best to have uninterrupted tracts of land with which to work. Though GW administrators noted that they expressed an open-ended interest in the property, a more aggressive pursuit of the Allen Lee may have facilitated its purchase by the University.

GWID, which went online this week, is a significant improvement over GW’s previous student ID scheme based on Social Security numbers. Replacing Social Security numbers with randomly generated numbers is a positive step toward safeguarding students from identity theft.

LaRouchies interrupt classes
Students are often bombarded with diatribes and propaganda from Lyndon LaRouche supporters on campus, but the LaRouchies took their campaign too far when they interrupted a Law School class on Jan. 25. Everyone has a right to free speech, but GW Law School students have the right to learn from their professors without worrying about such intrusions into the classroom.

GW Club Hockey
With all the attention paid to men’s basketball at GW, it is always encouraging to hear stories about smaller sports whose teams are enjoying significant achievements. The GW Hockey team began its season undefeated. While the games are played at an arena far away from campus, students should try to support this successful program.

Lack of roommate notification
This past summer, when students complained because they weren’t being notified when receiving new roommates, the Community Living and Learning Center explained that the summer housing system was different from the normal housing system and didn’t allow for such notification. It’s suspicious, then, that there is still no notification process in place during the school year. Getting a new roommate is a big deal. Students should be notified of roommate changes to their rooms so that they can properly coordinate move-ins as well as shared items.

Dean Frawley leaving GW
The University of Mary Washington in Virginia selected Columbian College of Arts and Sciences Dean William Frawley as their university president. While it is not desirable to see a top dean leave the University, it is good for GW’s reputation to have University administrators moving up into top posts at other schools. This also gives the University a chance to bring in a fresh dean for its largest division, following the appointment of Dean Michael Brown to the Elliott School of International Affairs, GW’s second-largest school.

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