No More CFs

Its always interesting to see University policies come out that reflect the positions of previous Hatchet editorials. In the case of the new CLLC policy that replaces the position of Community Facilitator with a less-intrusive version, I can’t help but think back to last semester’s editorial on the role that CFs should play in residence halls.

On the same note, some may wonder why the fall semester saw frequent CLLC bashing on pages 4 and 5 of the Hatchet (opinions, for those of you who only read online), yet the new semester has brought two editorials in a row praising the department. It’s simple – when University administrators change policies that mitigate the concerns of recent editorials, it must be addressed and appluaded. The editorial board so often must focus on the University’s foul-ups that there is rarely time or room for praise.

In this case, CLLC responded to our concerns and we felt the need to highlight that. Still, you will notice that the editorials do contain critiques of the new policies in addition to praise. And, as always, we will wait it out to see whether or not any of the changes are actually implemented correctly or have the effect we desire.

Also, GW has some great ideas that just aren’t big enough or complicated enough to merit an editorial. In that case, there’s always Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down (One of which became the subject of a Gelman library poster requesting quiet from students). Maybe one day we can just do an all thumbs up version … but we won’t.

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